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kurtnkegger 07-08-2013 11:48 PM

A little tale
I have always had a little battle with Stella (my 40) about her temperamental transfer case shifter. Usually would shift in to 4WD easy enough, but would fight me getting back in to 2WD. The clean-up run Matt led the other weekend was no exception, except Stella fought in both directions but she eventually relented.

This last Saturday, we took visiting family from Sweden 4 wheeling for the first time, and thought Argentine Pass would be a fun trail, with plenty of Colorado history.

My Brother-in-law just bought a 3/4 ton "bad-ass" Dodge truck...put some meaty 33's on it, and was ready to show my little 40 that his new testosterone on wheels could tear this trail up!!

Upon exiting the first water crossing heading up the trail, he got stuck pretty good on the embankment :lmao: All the Hemi managed to do was spin those new tires...

I backed Stella up, and attached a tow strap to him and gave him a quick pop out of his jam...We made it up the rest of the trail fine, up the steep rocky road to the upper trail, and on to the Waldorf and Santiago Mines with out incident.

We went back down the trail entirely on the upper road, as he would have smacked the tail of his new baby hard on the same steep piece embankment that stopped him on the way up...

Upon getting to the Visitors Center in Georgetown, I noticed I ran the entire trail in 2WD LOW (I don't have the gate to prevent getting in to that gearing combo) I don't have the heart to tell my Brother-in-law...He was more humiliated about me pulling his butt out of trouble than when I had to pull his Rover out of a mud bog...

kurtnkegger 07-08-2013 11:50 PM

Sunday, I got under Stella, and looked at her shifter linkage. Greased up some pivot points...She has never shifted smoother...:cheers:

Hulk 07-09-2013 12:05 AM

Haha, that's an awesome story! You'll have to tell it to him... next year.

Squishy! 07-09-2013 11:18 AM

Super :cool:

nattybumppo 07-10-2013 11:38 AM

I love those cheap fixes!

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