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source3 07-09-2013 10:55 AM

Opinions on buying a '97 40th Anv. 80
I have made the decision to sell my 91' Hilux and 73' FJ40. A MUD member is selling his wife's 80 (I also know him personally). I have seen his personal 80 and he does quality and meticulous work. Listed below is his specs and a few pictures. I am not to worried about additional pictures as I know how we cares for cars and hates leaks and rust. He is driving up to Ouray in two weeks and can even deliver it as he will be driving past my house.

From his email:
'97 FZJ80 40th anniv edition. I'm the third owner. Knew the second owner very well. Both previous owner garaged this vehicle. This is a turn key rig. All PMs done meticulously by me and and ready for your next adventure.

  • 2.5" OME lift (heavy front/medium rear) OME springs + shocks.
  • OME caster correction bushings.
  • 285 75 16 Nitto Terra Grappler tires (lots of tread left)
  • Mileage 187,xxx
  • No E-Lockers
  • DieHard Platinum Group 31 battery (huge battery with a huge capacity)
  • Mild wheeling, sometimes tow the 1500lb Kamparoo trailer.
  • No squeaks, rattles or any type of vibes.
  • No driveline vibes at any speed.
  • Steering is normal, drives straight and returns to center normally.
  • Smooth transmission shifts
  • Front axle serviced using OEM bearings and seals. No leaks. Birfield doesn't make any noise
  • Rear axle serviced using OEM bearings and seals.
  • Alpine Head unit with aux input
  • All leather seats are two toned (40th anniv feature) and are in good shape due to the seat covers on top.
  • 3M clear tape applied from the factory on the leading edge of the hood to protect against rock chips.

  • Windshield has a crack.
  • Minor pinstriping that's hard to tell. Minor dings here and there
  • Cruise control sometimes acts up. Apparently common with this age.

  • Front diff armor. 1/4" thick.
  • Rear spare tire tucked up higher mod
  • Reverse LED lights high output
  • Water pump has a special pulley that will be needed in case of a future York air compressor install
  • Rear springs has Air Lift air bags for extra load carrying capacity. Really helps when towing a heavy tongue trailer.
  • Driver window auto up mod.
  • Rear cargo drawer made of wood. Easily removable. Still have the factory third row seats
  • Engine rebuilt by me two years ago. Started as a head gasket project and then turned into a full blown rebuilt. New rings, bearings, all new seals, hoses, water pump. COMPLETE engine rebuild including cylinder honing, block decked, valves adjusted..
  • Alternator brushes replaced. Good for another 100,000 miles.
  • Starter rebuilt using OEM parts. Good for another 100,000 miles
  • TJM bumper with winch
  • MM winch 8000 lb (used only three times during my ownership)
  • Sliders with step bars. Helps getting stuff off the roof and preventing parking lot door dings.
  • Waterproof/child proof/dog proof seat covers from Great Covers front and rear.
  • 12vdc constant hot outlets throughout cabin
  • Installed electric aux fan for cooler A/C operation. Turns on/off automatically as needed while A/C is running.
  • Fan clutch mod with 10,000 cst fluid for better radiator fan lockup during the heat of summer.
  • Rattle Trap sound dampening material applied everywhere except roof.
  • Front windows tinted slightly to cut down UV. Rear windows have factory tint which are darker than the front windows.
  • Ceiling basket over rear seat for holding clothes and light stuff.
  • 7 pin trailer plug recessed into rear bumper, out of harm's way. Plug is wired for charging trailer battery and trailer braking.
  • OBD-II plug + wire ready for a scangauge
  • Class IV hitch receiver
  • Road hazard warranty on tires from Discount Tires. Maybe transferrable.
  • Lifetime alignment from Firestone. Transferrable?
  • Motor oil + trans oil changed regularly
  • Both diffs + Tcase has Schaefer synthetic gear oil.

We have agreed on $8K. I prefer to spend $7.5 but knowing the quality of work he does I have no problem spending an extra $500 for a clean rig with the past history known. I only wish it had lockers. I can always add ARBs later. The only thing that will need to be addressed is the cracked windshield.

I searched the classifieds for what other 80's have gone for. I think $8K is a fair price more for him than me. But as I stated, I know his work and the extra $500 for buying a rig with no issues is a piece of mind for me. I just need some extra reassurance from this group to make sure I am not making a wrong purchasing decision.

For the type of wheeling I do, below is an email I sent to the current owner while trying to decide to go locked or not.

Thanks for the info. You are correct, I am not into rock crawling. Laura enjoys up to a Class 3 (http://www.trackandtrailpublications...ell_Scale.html) trail and tolerates Class IV for short bursts and dislikes shelf roads. I see Class 4 as my limit; Rating 5 according to: http://cruisemoab.com/trail-rating-system.asp. Laura and I have a tendency to go exploring that leads us into Class 4 time to time. Most of our offroad adventures will be in the Ouray/Silverton and Canyonlands area. In the "Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel -Drive Trials", we are comfortable with the moderate (blue) trails. With a capable rig, she will do Elephant Hill in Canyonlands (we walked it this past spring as she did not want me to take the pickup on it); and I rather not tear up my rig. I would like to go to Moab and do some Class 3 to 4 trails. Just have not made it over there yet.

Perhaps the above information will be helpful to you in advising me on front/rear lockers?







nakman 07-09-2013 11:05 AM

You're paying a premium for the engine rebuild- if you are confident that was done well, then this is a good deal. Lockers wouldn't scare me away- it's fun to pick lines, use momentum and power brake, you can get a lot of places and not tear it up in the process. Although, having lockers is also pretty awesome, but you could add later when you regear for 35's.

He says it's got NTG's, but those pics are BFG's.. whatever. And how is a OBD-II plug a mod? Or did he just leave the cord behind from his scangauge... they all have plugs. Looks like a clean ride though, if you like it then go for it.

more details on the 40 fs? :)

source3 07-09-2013 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by nakman (Post 235804)
You're paying a premium for the engine rebuild- if you are confident that was done well, then this is a good deal.

Yes I am confident.


Originally Posted by nakman (Post 235804)
more details on the 40 fs? :)

See build thread in signature. I also have added a brake booster from an '81 Supra and a master brake cylinder from an '80 (refurbished). Along with Roundeyes and the IPF harness from ARB. I do not think my Scat Procar seats are on the build thread either. Rebuilt carb buy Mark at Mark's offroad. Hmm, the list goes on. If I go through with the 80, I will post a for sale thread. Thinking about $8.5K for the FJ40. Issues: small front heater core leak, trying to find out where, it pressure tested good. Intermittent clutch slave leak. Power steering leaks while under great load trying to go over a rock or through deep snow. Body has original paint and typical rust in rear quarters.

cbmontgo 07-09-2013 11:40 AM

Yes, that is a good deal.

Jenny Cruiser 07-09-2013 10:22 PM

Deal :thumb:

OilHammer 07-09-2013 10:46 PM

I assume you have asked the obvious question, "why are you selling this?"
Rare that somebody just sells a perfect vehicle because they don't drive it and have too many toys. It happens, just rare. There's usually something bugging the crap out of them and spurs on a desire for change. Like, maybe he bought a 100 and is loving the power and fuel economy compared to the 80 that he never wheeled. Dunno. Just worth asking.

Rezarf 07-09-2013 11:05 PM

I have been looking a lot lately and that seems like a clean rig for the agreed price. I would like to see lockers on an 80 so that would make me pass on this particular one. Especially since adding them down the road is so dang expensive, I'd rather pay for them upfront.

source3 07-10-2013 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by OilHammer (Post 235835)
I assume you have asked the obvious question, "why are you selling this?"
Rare that somebody just sells a perfect vehicle because they don't drive it and have too many toys. It happens, just rare.

Selling the 80 because it no longer gets driven. He now has a four door sedan (big heavy thing) that is now doing the soccer mom duties. The seller originally bought the 80 for his wife to drive a heavy vehicle for safety reasons.

Hulk 07-11-2013 11:55 AM

I think this is a reasonable price for a very nice 80. I don't think you will have buyer's remorse or feel like you were ripped off in the future if you buy this truck for $8K. As others have said, the only thing that would make me hesitate is the lack of factory electric lockers -- this would probably be a deal killer for me.

source3 07-12-2013 11:47 AM

Thanks everyone for the input/thoughts, very helpful. Just bought it for a little less than price posted above.

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