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source3 08-13-2013 06:24 PM

1973 FJ40 with 2F, 4spd, PS
Sold Sold Sold

Selling my FJ40 on Craigslist.


For Sale Early 1973 FJ40 with early 1979 Engine/Tranny swap.

Price: $9,600 (US)
Odometer: 82717.9
Location: Durango, Colorado since December 2012. Spent most of its time in New Mexico.
Phone: 9 seven zero - five 7 zero - nine five three 5.
Reason for selling: Bought an FZJ80

This is a 9/72 (early 1973) FJ40 with a 1/79 (early 1979) 2F engine, 4spd Tranny, and Power Steering.
Original paint except where I added an aux fuel door, changed location for the shifter hole for the 4spd, and filled misc. antenna holes.
All glass is original. A few stars in windshield but not in line of sight. No cracked glass.
I built this for a mild wheeling rig and semi-daily driver. All mods where for driveability and human comfort.
Have all receipts for items purchased. Used OEM parts as available. Did work myself or with help from the local Land Cruiser community.
Driveability is excellent. I would have no problem driving across country.

Slideshow of more photos located at: http://s1134.photobucket.com/user/so...0%20For%20Sale
Build thread is located at: http://forum.ih8mud.com/nm-high-dese...ld-thread.html

* Engine/Tranny swap (F engine to 2F engine) with power steering.
* Tranny/Transfer Case Savers (parts from Valley Hyrids)
* 2.5" Old Man Emu (OME) Heavy Duty Lift (shocks and springs). (Cruiser Outfitters)
* New OEM gas tank and sender.
* Auxillary Gas Tank (Northwest Metal Products; 22.5 US Gallons) with Pollak fuel selector valve (switches tanks and fuel sender; stock fuel gauge shows accurate reading for selected tank)
* 33x9.5" BFG AT KO's
* Brake booster from a 82 supra and brake master cylinder from an 80-series (new-refurbished)
* Centech AP-2 auxillary fuse panel
* Roundeyes (RCH100-2) 7" Conversion Headlights with ARB wiring loom
* Removed rear jumper seats and custom built shelving (have original jumper seats).
* Partially de-smogged by previous owner (still needs to be finished up)
* Rebuilt carburetor by Mark's Offroad. Carb has the high altitude jets.
* Ported vacuum F carb for 2F vacuum advanced distributor. Work done by Mark's Offroad.
* Replaced distributor. Original 2F dizzy had leaking diaphram. Purchased from Mark's Offroad.
* Four wheel disk brakes. Front - 1976 FJ40. Rear - Monte Carlo with caliper bracket from LCR 4 Wheel Drive
* Replaced brake lines with custom fitted stainless steel.
* Warn 8274 Winch.
* 4Plus Deluxe 48-inch winch bumber
* Diehard Platinum P31 Battery (Purchase Date: 05/22/2010)
* Replaced door weatherstrip with OEM (driver, passenger, rear hatch)
* Replaced all drive belts and seals during engine/tranny swap.
* Scat Rally Recliner Seats (#80-1000-51L(R)) with Scat brakets (Driver and Passenger)
* Replaced body mounts with Energy Suspension kit from Cruiser Outfitters
* Replaced U-Joints, Balanced Driveline (Cut and trim driveline for 3spd to 4spd tranny swap)
* Wheel Alignment by Chets (Albuquerque, NM)
* New exhaust after engine swap
* New radiator and thermostat during engine swap
* New keys cut from VIN Number. Keyed aux fuel door to match existing locks
* Front floor insultated floor mats and cargo mat (CoolCruisers)
* Kill switch. Used a DPDT switch to kill engine with or without blinking LED
* Replaced dashpad with Dashman's Dashbox.
* Replaced tie rod ends (777 ends from Cruiser Outfitters)
* Replaced steering pivot assembly with OEM parts
* Replaced left and right defrost hoses (Spector Offroad)
* Modified the tranny for 2Lo gearing (see build thread for details).
* Replaced driver and passenger window felt
* Replaced tail light lenses.

DanS 08-13-2013 10:29 PM

You have NO IDEA how much I wish I had some extra cash lying around right now.

You forgot to mention that it has OEM 40 series power steering from a '79 on it. ;)

For those of you who don't know (most of you in RS), I helped with the engine swap stuff. Mostly I did some bodywork to put the aux tank in. I almost cried when I cut into the sheet metal to put the fuel door in, because the body is just so incredibly straight, original and mostly rust free. The pics make the bodywork look a lot worse than I remember in person too.

I'd like to say good luck with the sale, but really I want a pile of extra cash to fall into my lap, and then this would be coming home with me. Yes, even though it isn't a diesel.



source3 08-26-2013 05:20 PM


bomber22 08-26-2013 06:36 PM

does a rising sun member have a new?

source3 08-27-2013 03:06 PM

Nope. A guy near Oklahoma City bought it.


Originally Posted by bomber22 (Post 238113)
does a rising sun member have a new?

MDH33 08-27-2013 04:18 PM

That is a nice 40, sorry you had to let it go.

Just curious, as mine is pretty similar (minus some of the mods and not as clean). Did you get your asking price?

source3 08-27-2013 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by MDH33 (Post 238157)
That is a nice 40, sorry you had to let it go.

It will make life easier without having to maintain an extra vehicle. But I had to take some :shots: after it drove away.


Originally Posted by MDH33 (Post 238157)
Just curious, as mine is pretty similar (minus some of the mods and not as clean). Did you get your asking price?

Yes, got asking price. Included extra parts: a 2F carb + carb fan, set of warn hubs, and misc. small items.

Corbet 08-27-2013 06:29 PM

I saw it today headed up Endlich Mesa. New owner, that explains why it did not stop to chat as I was cutting firewood.

edit: correct my terrible grammar

source3 08-27-2013 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by Corbet (Post 238163)
I saw it today headed up Endlich Mesa. New owner explains why it did not stop to chat as I was cutting firewood.

Confusing: "New owner explains why it did not stop to chat as I was cutting firewood"

Hmm? New owner was going to do Durango -> Ophir-Telluride-Imogene -> Durango. I thought that was a long drive, especially in a "new to him" vehicle. I hope he changed his mind and ran Endlich Mesa.

Corbet 08-27-2013 08:01 PM

It had a IH8MUD sticker on the driver's side rear window, right? If so that was it.

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