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Caribou Sandstorm 11-08-2013 11:10 AM

100 series Mileage comparisons
Hey I am curious what others are getting right now for gas mileage, with a similar build, various years/tires sizes, and stock 100s... I posted this up in mud also..

I have an '01 4 speed tranny with 255/85/16s, bumpers, winch, alum/steel skids, sliders, lift, roof rack, single drawer and fridge. I also have the DT headers, wonder if that makes a difference also.

I just checked and with tire conversion I am getting 13.2 in the city. I thought that was not really that bad, considering what I am hauling around. Any of you math majors have a clue what that would translate to hwy?

Obviously a 5 speed would fare better on the highway. Just curious what you all are seeing with 285 33s and 34, 35s in similar builds.

Also, I am thinking of having Midas cut off the resonator, wonder if that might help just a touch on mileage.


nakman 11-08-2013 12:22 PM

Chris are you compensating for tires in your calculation? I believe your factor should be right around 4%, so (odo miles *1.04)/gallons=MPG.

I believe I'm right there with you, high 12's to low 13's city, get out on the road and can hit the 14's on a good day. That's with a similar build; 285 75 r16, and about everything possible bolted to it. :)

Caribou Sandstorm 11-08-2013 03:07 PM

Yep did the calculation, well Robbie did. I said I was right at 12 and he asked if I factored in the tires, which I had not, so we figured about 13.2.

CardinalFJ60 11-08-2013 04:42 PM

not much wheel time yet, but...
I'm rolling on 275/70/18s and the computer is saying around 13.5 - I've been driving from Lafayette to Lodo. I haven't done the real calculation yet. (I'm not totally convinced the computer is accurate)

Rzeppa 11-09-2013 12:13 AM

As a former instrumentation designer who did a lot of work with NIST and DFM, I advise that you need to ditch your tire diameter calculations and go with real-world documented measurements when you are doing your compensation, and go with the best resolution that is relevant to your calculations.

What I do to calculate my MPG corrections for tire size is write down my odometer reading as I pass mile marker 100 (just west of Glenwood) on I-70 on my way to Moab. Then when I cross the Utah line I write down the odometer reading. That gives me my real-world compensation coefficient to better than 1% resolution.

Other people have written that their GPS works also. YMMV, but simply going by tire diameter neglects numerous sources of error.

Corbet 11-09-2013 01:10 PM

Personally I use my NAV system for my calculations. Any the 80 gets 12.5 - 14 MPG depending on conditions sitting on 35's at 6800lbs unloaded. Kind of surprising you 100 guys don't so a little better.

OilHammer 11-20-2013 10:48 PM

You might be getting a little worse MPG with that charcoal filter clogged and if you haven't checked the air filter, its probably got half of moab in it. :)
I only have the lift, but I'm hitting 17 if I split my mileage with city and two trips to Boulder in traffic per week. Pure city, prolly 13.5 (wife). Pure hwy, 19. I'm due for tires asap, so we'll see what one size bigger does to it. I've found driving habits will vary that quite a bit. I consistently get better miles than the wife, but she hammers the throttle and brakes and I tend to predict stops and coast a bit. On my trip home with it from Kali, I was at 20 something but I was on cruise and trying to see how high it would go. The later one's have a nav view with a "live" status bar. I've found that lugging up to speed produces worse results than just giving it some juice, not flooring, and then getting into coast mode as quickly as possible. But that's boring, and the V8 just wants to be exercised! :)

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