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PatrolMan 12-10-2013 06:26 PM

FS: 1997 Tacoma
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I picked up this Tacoma a few weeks ago intending to use it for parts. I wanted the 2.7l engine (3rz 4 cylinder) for my 4Runner. I got it from the 2nd owner, who bought it at around 35,000 miles in 1999. It is a standard cab, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, 4wd. Has drive side airbag, AC (no belt, so unsure it works), power steering, manual locking hubs (rare and desirable), aftermarket CD player with removable face, factory alloy wheels with 31" tires. Other than that, just a basic bare bones model.

The owner was driving it when one of the drive side ball joints let loose, ripping out the other ball joint, and rendering the truck inoperable. The damage turned out to be minimal, just the ball joints, cv shaft, and brake line. After towing it home on my dolly, I decided it wasn't worth tearing it apart.

So far, I have replaced both the upper and lower driver side ball joints, driver side brake hose (tow truck driver slide it with a razor), and driver side CV shaft. This is nearly everything on the driver side front end. This has rendered it drivable, but I have also replaced the front brake pads while doing all the rest of the work. Also bled front brakes. I still don't feel safe with the passenger side ball joints as they were as old as the driver side ones, so before it is sold, I intend to replace them as well. I have also changed the engine oil and confirmed the antifreeze was good enough to go to -20 degrees for the last week. Starts and runs good. T-case and manual tranny shift well.

What it still needs:
-Passenger upper and lower ball joints (I will be replacing before it goes)
-Will need an alignment after the front end work is done.
-Tires. The cords are showing badly. I won't sell it to someone who doesn't have a plan to immediately replace the tires. I might have a set of used 31's to go with it.
-Speedometer/odometer doesn't work. Currently has 297,xxx on the clock, but previously owner claims around 315,000 is more realistic.
-Tachometer not working.
-Check engine light is on. It reads for an intermittent miss on cylinder 2. I started to dabble with it, but haven't done much more.
-Has an exhaust leak you can hear from the manifold area. Haven't removed the shield to see why.
-Windshield is cracked. A replacement is $99 on Craigslist.
-Driver tail light is cracked. Passenger side is cracked, but there is a replacement that goes with it.
-Ignition cylinder for key. Currently uses needle nose pliers as it busted out. I ordered one. Will replaced before it sells.
-Has a bench seat and the driver side is basically just springs on the bottom. Really should have a new seat.
-The passenger door has a dent. Works great, just cosmetic, and not a horrible dent.
-Previous owner was a smoker and the interior stinks. Needs seriously aired out, or steam cleaned which I have done on other cars in the past.

Asking price as-is at $2,600. This would make it the cheapest 4x4 on Craigslist as the cheapest 4x4 Tacoma currently listed is also a 1997 at $3,600. This price is for members only. I intend to do some more work in a week or so and list it on Craigslist for more if nobody here bites.

For quickest response, call (no text) 720-tutu4-6397. Ask for Jeff.

PatrolMan 12-10-2013 06:29 PM

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Pics of driver side parts replaced.

Squishy! 12-14-2013 08:13 AM

That exhaust leak in combo with the misfire would have me worried. The 3rz is notorious for cracking the exhaust manifold and causing the head to crack between cyl 2,3. Do a compression check and replace the manifold. I've used cheap eBay headers that work fine.

PatrolMan 02-13-2014 09:08 PM

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Truck is still available as it has been in storage for about 6 weeks. Went over to it today, started right up, drove it around just a bit, and took some more photos. Getting posted on CL in a few moments.

PatrolMan 02-13-2014 09:09 PM

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More photos

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