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BritKLR 03-02-2014 03:05 PM

Licensing/Emissions time 1987 FJ60
Now that we're here for good and I've licensed/emission checked my small fleet of toys, it's time to do the 60.

I've spent quite a bit of time researching passing the Boulder emissions test
with the 60(Thanks for Rzeppa's post!) and have identified several tips. Assuming all things are running properly, but old, the following is the list of current suggestions for an 87 FJ60.

- full tank of E85 gas
- add 4 bottles of Heet
- set timing to factory setting of 7 degrees
- install a new air filter
- idle at 650 rpms

Btw, I do have a persistent problem of when the 60 is fully warmed up and when I go to restart it, it very difficult to restart. Like fuel starvation. I've been told that it maybe timing, but I haven't checked that yet.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!


CardinalFJ60 03-02-2014 10:12 PM

go up to Longmont
Unless you've got a place in Ned, head out to Longmont's testing center. the people are way nicer there.

As far as Passing, you've done all the things one might do ahead of time. When my motor was stock I didn't ever have a problem passing - just tuned up running well maybe I adjusted the time back to stock. If it doesn't pass, that'll tell you what steps to take as far as additives, or repairs to get it to pass.

nattybumppo 03-03-2014 12:03 AM

1 retest is free if you fail the first time. Sometimes just leaning out the mixture for the test will work. Make sure all your emissions stuff is present and functional because they will also do a visual check to make sure it is all hooked up.

60wag 03-03-2014 07:00 AM

The hotter the cat when the test is run, the better it works. Driving on the highway immediately before the test is a good idea. If there are several cars in line in front of you, I'd keep the truck idling to keep the cat temp up as high as possible.

My old 60 did the "hard to restart hot" thing but I never really solved the problem. It didn't seem to affect the emissions test numbers. Following the engine rebuild, I had numerous failed attempts until I put a Jim C rebuilt carb on it, then it passed. Never figured that one out either.

SteveH 03-03-2014 10:10 AM

You don't need a 'full tank' of e85, but what's in your tank should be mostly of that fuel.

If you have trouble passing at idle, I might set the idle speed up a little bit - not sure what the max is, but many vehicles run smoother just off idle, at maybe 750-800 rpm.

Agreed on 'get it as hot as possible' and let it idle during testing. Also, a good-hearted tester will not slam the throttle open/closed on carbed vehicles, as this creates an emission spike. The good shops will run the RPMs up and down slowly, to minimize this.

BritKLR 03-03-2014 10:17 AM

This advice is really helpful!

Greatly appreciated.

Phrog 03-03-2014 10:50 AM

emissions testing
My 1976 FJ40 failed the emissions test. I turned the idle up from ~650 to
~900, and it passed. So - as others have noted - if you're concerned, turn the idle screw (not idle mixture screw) up a bit.


nuclearlemon 03-03-2014 11:52 AM

on the hard start, is your carb fan working properly? when mine stopped working (sensor wire went bad), i had to struggle to get it to restart it if engine was warm and it sat more than a couple minutes. i had to wait about a half an hour before it would just fire up.

Rzeppa 03-03-2014 09:01 PM

I would not fill all the way up with Heet - or use a full tank of E85. Not only overkill but possible to ruin some of the elastomers in the various seals in the fuel delivery system and carb. I used 4 bottles of Heet in the remaining 5 gallons I had and that was probably more than I needed. At the end of the day, what got me to pass was a suboptimally-too-small primary jet in the carb, a 178 in place of the 187 Jim C had used in my carb. The 187 gave me better power and fuel economy. I agree with Steve H about bumping the idle up a tad.

The main problem as I see it, is that they don't measure emissions the way these rigs were designed and built to comply. When the federal standards were implemented (and by the time 60s came out in the 1980s, Fed and CA standards were the same), they measured HC and CO in ppm. Our esteemed Colorado legislators have completely unscientifically, no doubt at the behest of well-heeled lobbyists who will see to it that their re-election coffers are well-funded, moved the goalposts. Now they measure according to "grams per mile", which makes it nearly impossible for our old iron to pass the new standards.

MDH33 03-03-2014 09:32 PM

I agree with the the comments so far, and having had 2 FJ60's here that needed to pass, my suggestions are:

•Get it running and tuned properly for the elevation.
•Make sure your gas cap is a good sealer. (Maybe even get a new seal for goods measure before wasting a trip for a bad gas cap!)
•Know if your catalytic convertor is old/worn out.
•Get RPMs up a bit.
•Run a tank of 91 octane through it until tank is almost empty.
•Add 2 bottles of Heet.
•Drive it a good distance before rolling into emissions.

Has worked for me, even with a 2F that burned a lot of oil.


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