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aprosise 03-11-2014 08:37 AM

Fresh from pick up! 85 Fj60
And so it begins!
85 with a h55 5 speed.

60wag 03-11-2014 08:44 AM

Looks like a solid truck to start with. What are your plans for it?

aprosise 03-11-2014 09:16 AM

I need to run through everything to start with. No brakes currently, and the power steering pump and a/c pump don't have belts, so I need to investigate why. Going to go through all the vacuum lines and make real caps for everything that was blocked off. Currently everything is just plugged with silicon. Swapping back to stock wheels with 31x10.5 BFG's for now. Stripping the interior tonight to start a deep clean.

Seems to run awesome! Starts easy and idles smooth. Ill need to re-jet because its from Texas. No rust!

Soon it will get a lift, 33x10.5's and I'm going to make bumpers. Going to make it a trail rig, but everything will be done right as it will be my DD.

CardinalFJ60 03-11-2014 10:46 AM

I see you've got the same 'custom' hood paint I have! :D That's the same color as mine. :thumb:

Missing belts: I wonder if the PS pump seized, started puking or something and they pulled the ol' "move the fan belts trick" to keep mobile.

Have fun and keep us posted on the "refurb-eration"

aprosise 03-11-2014 11:29 AM

Power steering pump is not seized. The PO said it was leaking so they had it rebuilt/changed out and the wrong pulley was installed? I also have the air pump bracket delete in a box so I'm wondering if that works into the equation..

SteveH 03-11-2014 12:42 PM

Great looking truck with a drool-worthy transmission.

I would go slowly on rejetting - my federal spec FJ60 ran great around these parts with a stock carb. You might redo the idle mixture according to the lean-drop procedure in the manual, after you rehab all the emissions equipment.

60wag 03-11-2014 07:45 PM

If the High Altitude Compensator circuit is still intact, the stock jetting is fine. Do you plan to register it in Boulder county? The air pump as well as most of the deleted vacuum plumbing will be needed.

rckhound 03-11-2014 09:53 PM

I think I am going to put the title in my name in Summit so he can keep smog stuff off of it. Really rust free truck. Glad the is a 60 back in the family. Brothers.

aprosise 03-14-2014 01:25 AM

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Cleaned up and on the road!

MDH33 03-14-2014 09:40 AM

Nice job. Already looks so much better with the OEM wheels and new rubber. That's a really clean looking 60!

what's next?

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