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nakman 04-09-2014 10:37 PM

Car Show June 14th, Colorado Springs
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Anyone want to be in a car show?



My name is Will Starks and I am having a car show event on June 14th as apart of Springs Spree. Springs Spree last year drew around 70,000 people in two days. This car show will be an all make and model cars/bikes. We are trying to get a wide variety of cars since there will be a lot of people at this event. The pre registration fee will be $25 per car. We will have various categories that we will award at least 1st and 2nd place. Springs Spree will be at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, CO. Please let me know if you might be interested in this event. I have attached the flyer for the event. Thanks for reading this email, hope to hear from you soon.

Will Starks


Rhino Ent, LLC


kurtnkegger 04-11-2014 08:25 AM

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Carolyn and I went out for lunch after camping last summer to stumble on a car show they were having at the watering hole we frequent. As luck would have it, the only open parking space was in the car show they were having (and was winding down). We decided it would be fun to back in, and pop the hood...The tub was full of pine needles, and the engine bay was full of a weekend of wheeling...Probably the best in show...

nuclearlemon 04-14-2014 01:13 PM

wow...$25 entry fee. where does that $25 go? most car shows are free, unless you're going to something along the lines of goodguys.

Crash 04-14-2014 01:51 PM

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Originally Posted by nuclearlemon (Post 249280)
wow...$25 entry fee. where does that $25 go? most car shows are free, unless you're going to something along the lines of goodguys.

I have to disagree with you Ige, most car shows do charge an entry fee. Show and Shines, maybe not, but a show like this one that present trophies and awards has to pay for them somehow. Look at the costs the Rising Sun Rally incurs that have to be offset with an entry fee.
FWIW, we sold our black and white '55 Mercury over the weekend. Sorry to see it go, but three Land Cruisers just take up too much time, space, energy and, of course, money.

nuclearlemon 04-14-2014 02:55 PM

i've been to a few car shows that had trophys and no entrance fees, most recently lincoln tech. do we know if this show has trophys? there's no mention of them, just that we'll get our rig 'seen by 1000s of people'.

sorry to hear about the merc, but glad the 40 is still around ;)

Crash 04-14-2014 03:02 PM

The flyer doesn't say anything about trophies, but it does mention a DJ. ;) Got to pay the costs somehow. And maybe make a couple of bucks.
Still have the 40, for a little while longer anyway. Need to pull the top off and experience the "better than a convertible" feeling. Suz's red and white '55 Merc is still in the garage and available for show and cruising duties.

nuclearlemon 04-14-2014 03:04 PM

all they car shows i've been to have djs. and they have food vendors. ;) and they still have no fees, cause i'm too cheap to go to those shows ;)

Myredyota 04-16-2014 02:01 AM

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Wow that 55 is nice! Did it stay local? I quit going to "pay to park" shows. My car is basically a survivor with one repaint that is 13 years old. I can't compete against someone with a car that has had every nut and bolt restored. If it is a show for a charity, that's a different story. Sign me up!

Crash 04-16-2014 09:46 AM

Thanks, and the car is going to Ft. Collins, so we might see it once in a while. Your car is sweet looking too and that is a cool backdrop. Where is it?
Sitting at shows isn't as much fun as driving a good looking older rig. I'd much rather have a driver than a trailer queen, any day.

Myredyota 04-17-2014 02:40 AM

Thanks, the back drop is on Old Golden Road just east of Quaker (7-11). Even though my car is pretty rare, 1 of 588 built, I drive it everywhere! My poor Toyota has taken a back seat since I got the Packard. :o

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