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kurtnkegger 06-12-2014 01:22 PM

Conveyor Belt / Bedliner
We had a conveyor belt breakdown this week, and have the old conveyor that would make for a good bedliner...or something...The belt is a rubber/poly compound on one side, and a woven nylon cloth on the other side, about 3/32" thick, so not too heavy, but would make a nice liner for sure.

The salvageable belt is about 5 feet wide, and I have three different lengths to choose from...(in feet). Sizes are approximate, all a few inches longer than the sizes listed.


The cost of this material, for Rising Sun enthusiasts, is FREE!!

Let me know if you would like some of this, or if you need a section.

I'm in Arvada, and won't really be available till Sunday, as my Son is getting married this weekend. I don't want to get in Dutch with the :Princess: meeting up with someone over used conveyor belt before the wedding.

Let me know, and we'll meet soon!

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