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Rezarf 07-25-2014 12:13 PM

Who here has shipped a vehicle in from another state?
Looking for advice and recommended carriers to ship a Cruiser in from the left coast to Denver. My search for a our next cruiser has ramped up and my options greatly expand if I open it up to the rust free zones of Cali, AZ and NM.

I've never considered this before, any info and advice would be very helpful. Can a lifted cruiser on 35s be shipped? Looking at 60/62 series.

I'm just looking for real world costs and experiences that wish to repeat or avoid.:thumb:


MTSN 07-25-2014 12:23 PM

I've shipped 4 cars and probably 10 motorcycles over the last few years and 3 motorcycles in the last 6 months. I use uship.com and have had very good experiences. When you get a quote, you can book on one of the instant offers/quotes if you like it, or if you have some time you can post the price you would like to pay and shippers can bid on it. I've done it both ways and had good results on it. Typically, a larger shipping company will farm it out to more local, smaller operators so keep in mind you may not be getting who you actually book it through. I bought a Ducati from Reno in April, and when the guy showed up in the enclosed truck he also had a Ferrari 599, and a very custom Porsche in there as well which made me feel pretty comfortable with the kind of care they took. I would imagine with 35s and a lifted truck it would have to be an open trailer instead of enclosed which isn't a big deal this time of year with no snow on the ground. I'm a big fan of shipping vehicles since it opens up your choices significantly, and you can often get better deals. Of course you have the flip side of the unknown, but I've had great experiences in my several attempts.

AxleIke 07-25-2014 12:27 PM

No experience, but very cool! I'm jealous, I really like the 60 series.

ToyodaTocco 07-25-2014 12:36 PM

I shipped a 89 Chevy Suburban on 33's with a 6 inch lift once so I'm sure it can be done (it was 10 years ago and $700 from Denver to Nashville). I tried shipping my Dad's stock 2000 Silverado out here last year from TN, I was "quoted" $1100 from some company. I was told that as soon as there is a hauler in my his area (Nashville, TN) that they would come pick it up and bring it to Denver. I waited two weeks and heard nothing back from that company (but a lot other companies called and wanted several hundred more dollars to ship it). I called the company and they said basically they don't ship the truck themselves, they put it on a nationwide "board" with the basic information and the quote price. Then if an independent hauler wants to pick it up for that price minus the shipping companies take, then that hauler calls you and arranges for it to be done. When I called back they told me I would have to up my "quote" price on the board because it was too low. I ended up not doing the shipping and bought a different vehicle.

CardinalFJ60 07-25-2014 12:43 PM

I've done it few times...all good advice above.

I'd budget about $1000...might be less, but that's a safe amount. I think it was about $875 or something to ship my LX from Dallas...and about $900 to ship my 60 from Utah (SLC) about 10 years ago.

Firetacoma 07-25-2014 01:16 PM

This company on mud gets great reviews and also happens to be locally based.


EDIT: No personal experience.

SteveH 07-25-2014 03:48 PM

I helped a guy ship two FJ40s on bigger tires (31s and 33s), and they deflated all the tires completely and drove them (several feet) on flat tires (to get them fully onto the transport trailer), and transported them on flats. Just something to look out for - sidewall damage. They also did not understand 4WD and low range, so they sat their slipping the clutch and frying one rear tire trying to back up a steel ramp until I explained this to them. Frankly, I'd leave a truck like that in 4WD at the point at which they start to load it.

73 FJ 40 07-25-2014 03:49 PM

I just had my 73 FJ40 shipped from ca to Texas ' I looked and read most of the transporter sites. Then went with (U ship) there going to tell you a price like $600 but don't believe that then there going to say $1200 and don't believe that either . You put a bid in and the guy will tell you if it's to low and if it is no drivers will bite. So I started at $800 and a $100 gas charge you will need to pay that gas charge up front. And the remainder on delivery . But if you need it in a few days you will be back up around $1200 or more. My FJ was pick up on the central coast of ca. Via flat bed truck then it went to LA and sat there for at least 3-4 days then was put on a transporter and I had it in tx in another 3 days . U ship took a bid from quantum transporters. The only this that I did not care for was them screwing up my clutch . I have a stop for my clutch pedal so it does not hyperextend my slave cylinder and blow it out . Well the dumb ass truck driver must of thought it was a Mack truck and pushed down so hard on the clutch pedal that it bent it over and blew out the slave . We had to winch it off the top of the big rig . I should have had there insurance fix it which I called them and got all the paper work for the claim . But just fix it my self because it really didn't cost much and I could have it done in an hour. Anyway good luck with your search I hope it works out .

Crash 07-25-2014 04:20 PM

I've driven several Cruisers cross country for friends pretty much for the adventure. My buddy, Sea Knight, on Mud, and I have a loosely formed company we call Old Guys Cruiser Transport and we have successfully delivered numerous 40s and 60 series Cruisers to their new owners. Us old retired guys have to have some adventure in our lives and helping friends connect with new to them Cruisers is rewarding. My last trip was for Gary Waggoner - he flew me out to Indiana and I drove a pristine FJ62 back to Denver. Before that, I helped facilitate a deal on a Denver 62 for a friend and then drove it to him in Atlanta, GA. Sea Knight and I simply love the adventure of driving old Cruisers, you may have read his thread on IH8MUD about driving a 40 from Austin, TX, to Hawaii for a friend's brother. He hasn't finished the story yet but it aptly describes the fun of being on the road in a Cruiser. If you haven't seen this thread, check it out on the 40 series section - it's a sticky call Saving the Old Rust Bucket.
Anyway, if this sounds like a possibility to you, shoot me a pm and we can discuss it.

MTSN 07-25-2014 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Firetacoma (Post 253573)
This company on mud gets great reviews and also happens to be locally based.


EDIT: No personal experience.

My only experience with these guys was when I PM'd and emailed for a quote I didn't hear anything back for about 2.5 weeks and by that time the truck was long gone. When you find a good deal, you want to be in touch with a shipper and get something scheduled asap. The last Ducati I bought in Reno from finding it on CL to it being loaded onto a truck on its way to Denver was about 30 hours - no joke.

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