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bh4rnnr 10-15-2006 10:54 PM

Outlaws Run 2006
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Wow, what a wild week. Thanks to all who made it out for the run:thumb: . Have a full report comming soon.... For now, here is a teaser pic:hill: :beer:

Vitesse_6 10-15-2006 11:15 PM

Thats IT!

Hope the beer was good:thumb:
Oh and the trails :hill:

wesintl 10-16-2006 12:56 PM

:confuse2: :dunno: :banghead:

Groucho 10-16-2006 04:37 PM

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Some more teasers for those of you not fortunate enough to go on this awesome trip. Perry will have to help with the names of the locations. I think the first, second and third were the Black dragon wash; the fourth was Dan(Convert) cruisin' on buckskin wash?? and the fifth is a mystery guest in his new ride.:perry:

Romer 10-16-2006 07:24 PM

Did perry dye his mohawk red?:eek:

bh4rnnr 10-16-2006 09:01 PM

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The view from the summit of Roost country is either sublime or depressing, depending upon the amount of water in ones cantien and one's knowledge of water holes. From Roost Spring, you may look forty, fifty,or sixty miles to the Henry Mountauins, etched sharply against a flat gray background. To the east, half hidden by red cliffs on the east side of Cataract Canyon, may be seen peaks of the La Sal Mountains. Sixty Five miles north, the Book Cliffs lie against the syline. Forty miles west rises the jagged outline of the fantasticly colored Water Pocket Fold. From where you stand, the country slopes gradually away in every direction, apparently smooth, but actually criss-crossed with deep dry ravines and coverd with red sand. Everything within vision is know as "The Roost Country"
-Charles Kelly

All packed up, head west to the Utah Desert for this years "Outlaws Run". Along the way, pass
by Darren from "MyColorado.org" headed homebound(east) near Glenwood Springs. After a quick stop
for food in Green River I head south on 95 for Goblin Valley to camp for the night. A quick talk
with the Park Ranger informs me of a full/washed out campground, along with a wet desert, as they
just received 3 inches of rain:eek: the day before. Continue south to Hanksville, figuring a late
night into the Henrys for camp. Once in Hanksville, I was informed of the Rd to Capital Reef
washed out, along with most of Hanksville, and I would not be going to the Henrys any time soon:( .
I gassed up in Hanksville and continued south, not knowing where I was going to camp:dunno: . A few miles out of town, I turned west on a dirt Rd leading to the Henrys. Only a few miles in beforeI
decided to turn back. Not wanting to test my luck being alone. A little frustrated with the
turn of events, I continue driving, enjoying the star filled night over the open desert. After
watching the moon rise, I ended the night in Blanding Utah. Hotel bound for the night.
I head out early, heading to Moab in hope of better news and maybe get lucky and get of
pavement.... Once in town, I stop at the information Center, seems luck is against me. Trails
closed due to rain: White Rim, Shaffer Trail, Hells Revenge not recommended, Delicate Arch trail
and one of the 4x4 roads in the park. Two other rds closed but cant remember the names. I
continue on out of Moab and on to Green River trying to figure out what/where to go for the next
few days. After some thought, I continue on north and after driving a 1000 miles in two days, I
end the night in Salt Lake City, crashing at my Uncles place.
A late sleep sure felt good after two full days of driving. Lunch with my Uncle and Aunt and
stopping afterwards to the Art museum at the U of U, only to find it closed. That's right,
columbus day. A relaxing afternoon before a trip up to Deer Valley with my Uncle, Aunt, and
cousin Lizzie, along with half the soccer team for a soccer game. Would be the first game I
would watch my cousin play. Two 25 minute half's in 45 deg temps to watch my cousin score the only and wining goal:headbang: . Go Firebirds! Drive back home with my Uncle rubbing in the time it takes to get back to the driveway from the resort, 25 minutes and no traffic... Followed by a nice home cooked meal, something I have not seen in a while.
Once again, slept in late. Finally got enough motivation to get out. Stopped at the store for
a few more supplies. Paul May of Wasatch Cruisers called me on my way back, said we would be
meeting at the Desert Edge Brewery at 7pm. Took a nap, read my book, got cleaned up and headed
out to meet Paul. Show up to the Brewery, lady on a bike almost runs me over but comments "nice
hair", a mohawk died cherry read but faded into a reddish pink color. Once inside, I find Paul
may, and am happy to see Brian Passey, Dave Connors next to him. Jason soon shows up. Enjoy
good company, good food and good beverages:beer2: before calling it a night. Thanks Paul for dinner:cheers: ,
and thanks Brian for the growler:drink: , was enjoyed by all. Oh, and Paul had to show off the new
lights. Back home to say goodbye to my Uncle, Aunt and cousins. Will see them again soon, sooner
than 13years.

bh4rnnr 10-16-2006 09:09 PM

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Convert 10-16-2006 11:12 PM

Perry and fellow cruiserheads thanks for a great trip in the swell. I will post up pics later :thumb:

Groucho 10-17-2006 08:46 AM

More photos
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Same Black dragon canyon,
Primitive Cave drawings,
Perry getting stuck in the quicksand,
Artsy picture around the calf mesa uranium mine,
Beginning to fixit pass.

MDH33 10-17-2006 09:15 AM

Looks like a great trip. Keep the pics coming!! :clap: :beer:

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