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Hulk 10-18-2006 11:41 AM

Cruise Moab Recovery Supply Kit (CMRSK)
This is the official thread for the Cruise Moab Recovery Supply Kit (CMRSK). What is the CMRSK, you might ask, and why do we need one? Here's the scoop.

We are collecting parts that are commonly broken on trail runs. This includes axles, birfields, etc. Long-side FJ60 axle? Yes (maybe two)! Gaskets, c-clips, sealents, fluids -- we need it all.

In past events, we have had people stuck out on the trail for hours, waiting, while people back in Moab search for parts. If we have a parts stash in our trailer, we'll be able to supply our recovery teams with parts quicker and provide better support. We have a "Leave No Person Behind" policy, and that includes not leaving our own trail repair experts stranded with very little support.

Please use this thread for:
a) suggestions needed parts in our inventory
b) items you are willing to donate.

The Cruise Moab committee thanks you, as will your comrades in need sometime in the future.

nakman 10-18-2006 12:11 PM

Yee haw! As we get closer to the event we can turn this into a "master list," and we'll update the list at the event too based on what folks declare at tech inspection.

a) long side 60 axles for sure. Also 4.88 ring & pinions.

b) as of now I've got 2 40 birfields & most of the gaskets to replace them. Also have both a long & short front inner axles for an 80, and all the gaskets & tools necessary to replace them.

Groucho 10-18-2006 01:25 PM

Super Idea
I will be on the lookout for what I might be able to donate, and I will fer sure donate one LS FJ60 axle.

Romer 10-18-2006 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by nakman
Also have both a long & short front inner axles for an 80, .

You had two sets of inner axles?

Matt clarification. By donate, that means to me that it goes to the trailer and stays there. i.e, anything I donate, I don't have as a personal spare from then on (after Moab).

MDH33 10-18-2006 03:56 PM

This is a great idea. I have been thinking about stock-piling some spares for CM, but having a "club parts stash" trailer sounds even better, plus we won't all have to haul a vehicle full of greasy parts.

I have a complete 4.11 rear differential out of a 40 that I can donate. :thumb:

Hulk 10-18-2006 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by Romer
Matt clarification. By donate, that means to me that it goes to the trailer and stays there. i.e, anything I donate, I don't have as a personal spare from then on (after Moab).

We've discussed making a list of spare parts and who has them, rather than acquiring the parts. But this option has limitations:

1. Somebody has to make the list. With everything else we need to do to register people, inspect vehicles, organize trail runs, dinner, raffle, etc., this is yet another task that will need to be completed.

2. We need to make sure that we have parts late Saturday night. Romer, you'll probably be around until Sunday morning. But lots of people leave on Saturday afternoon, taking their spare parts with them. This has been a big problem, year after year.

I think a cache of spares, owned by RS, that will be on-site in the trailer until absolutely everyone is off the trail is the best possible solution. The more we can get donated, the better. We can certainly buy fluids, gaskets, and other small stuff.

One more positive: if we own the parts, we don't need to rebuild the inventory out of temporarily donated parts every year. Build it once and keep making it better, rather than starting from scratch every year.

nakman 10-18-2006 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Romer
You had two sets of inner axles?

No, I only got that one set that's in your camper.. it'll be at CM right? :)

edit: I deleted my other response since Matt already answered it..

isotel 10-18-2006 06:04 PM

ive got a set of FJ40 Rear Axle Shafts.. Any chance at a Discounted Entry for CM07 :p:

Ive also got a set of Minitruck Front Axle shafts for the cause.. I think the short side works as an FJ60 Short

Maybe this goes without saying, But if you Use a part from the Trailer, You need to replace it ASAP so its their for the next person..

Romer 10-18-2006 06:07 PM

I think this is the right answer for us to have a set and I would even vote for some money to buy the typlicalls. Just want to clarify. Like I gave you (Tim) two birfs for a 40, and a set of gaskets to repair one side. You may want to donate one and keep one birf with the gaskets in case you break one on chinamans and the trailer isn't there. Not that anyone breaks down on Chinamans. Note: those birfs only work in a 76-78 front end. That rear short axle I gave you would get someone off the mountain, but I wouldn't run it a long time as the hub got banged a bit and tends to rub in one spot.

Just want to make sure I understand how this will work. And yes the axles will be at Moab through Sunday. They could go in the donate pile as they are yours. Your choice on that.

I also carry a full set of fluids that would happily give to someone who would need them on the trail.

Like I said, I think this is a great way to go, we should have a stash in the trailer. Much better situation then what we had last year.

I have some parts, I'll go through and see what I am willing to donate and what I want to retain as "always carry" spares.

nuclearlemon 10-18-2006 06:52 PM

i'll donate a couple of course birfs, and complete gaskets/seals for front wheel and a t case output seal out of my stash.

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