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subzali 09-25-2005 08:32 PM

I like projects like this...
Since the Cruiser is staying at my parent's house mostly, put the hard top on Friday afternoon. My dad and I are getting better at wielding it ;) . I used some bicycle innertube (thanks to all who suggested it) for around the tub, so now at least it's not metal-on-metal and it seems that that was part of the problem why it was so loud. Also bought a preformed piece of weatherstrip for the top of the windshield frame so I don't get snowed on through my hardtop anymore (very very cool) , plus it's a LOT quieter, no wind howl (very cool). I like my new JIS fasteners I got from AAA Metric, but I miscounted the stainless steel washers for the rear doors, so had to temporarily improvise. But I cut off the bad weatherstripping on my rear half-doors, sanded, primed and painted them so they are at least the same color. Gonna put new generic weatherstripping on them next weekend (all in an effort to reduce rattling - I've taken care of hard top and jump seats (had to drill holes in fender for bottom brackets)). Also got to looking at the fire extinguisher that's been bugging me and decided to use an extra large hose clamp and leftover bicycle tube to keep that thing from banging against the roll bar, so now that's quieter :D .

The weather was beautiful today for this kind of work, and it was nice to NOT study for school and do some not-so-dirty work on Brahma (the last thing I did was my 27 hour front axle service). Next we gotta fix the drivers side windshield hinge (Dremel tool on the way to grind that broken off easy-out out). Also gotta check that my acc. pedal, when on the floor, has the carb at WOT. Gotta hook up my front heater so the hand brake doesn't pull it off, and maybe get some defroster nozzles. Gonna get some emblems and put them on next weekend, so that'll be :cool: and fun just to have some identifying features to the uneducated :) . Also got to see if my bumper is in the way of my headlights (they have a strange pattern, and seem dim, maybe I need to get new ones too), as well as if my new rims are not bent up too bad (one that's on there now is bent up pretty bad).

Just thought it was nice to have a bunch of easy projects to do that I don't really have to push hard to get taken care of. And also just had to comment on the weather. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Cheers.

wesintl 09-25-2005 08:41 PM

That's what I seem to enjoy the most about cruisers... Working on them in the garage. Endless fun :D I can't wait to get working on my project :p

Shark Bait 09-25-2005 10:28 PM

Congrats on your 40 Wes!! You ought to buy that smashed 60 for the 2F engine. It would drop right in. :D

subzali 09-25-2005 10:48 PM

speaking of smashed 60s on Friday I passed a guy in a van towing a 60 that looked like it had been rolled. Way to recycle! :D

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