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BeatDown84FJ60 11-19-2006 01:36 PM

Got the lift on and a little paint
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I'm finally getting some work done, got rid of the bent and broken springs and replaced them with ironman/BDS springs, got most of my paint on, and got my stereo in. More to come, plans on rebuilding knuckles, all new wheel bearings, 4Runner calipers/M/C, and I just got a donor Suburban with a TBI 350, and a rear mounted gas tank which looks like it'll fit under the cruiser nicely with a little strap fabrication. I plan on running that engine with an SM465 and a Toybox or maybe dual mini cases (1 of them with 5-1 gears). Then it'll be time for SOA (probably won't happen until next fall when I get the 350 in so I only do driveshafts once).

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