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leiniesred 04-15-2007 11:05 PM

Snow Run, Central City, April 15th, 2007
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Executive Summary: Another winchfest. (Not that I mind winchfests.)

Well, the snow is still deep on the northside trails.

We started out with Tony and son in the 2 week old Jeep Rubicon. (Surived the trip completely unscathed, Tony did a great job.)
Loren in his Tacoma: Unscathed, but the all terrains were a bit out ouf their element. Loren was happy to lend a hand at any time.
Subzali in his 40 worked hard and moved more snow than anyone else. Matt used his 40 as a snowplow and his shovel moved enough snow to clear a runway at DIA. :) (Handy to have Matt around when the going gets deep!) The 40 worked hard too, but the conditions were tough. (unscathed I think)
Mike and family in their Gen3 4Runner did really well in the snow with the MTRs and just needed a little help a couple of times to keep the 4Runner out of the trees.
Scott and his elk huntin' friend had had the most fun; bustin' trail for us and keeping the crew moving with his winch when needed. We wound up with Scott REALLY stuck at the end of our trip in. The "stuckjam" (is that a new word?) behind him prevented us from getting another truck down there, but no worries, I don't think it would have really helped. Heavy shovel work, winching from 6 different points, and some sweet, experienced, snow-wheelin' driving skill got him turned around in about 30 minutes. It was warm out by now and the snow got slick. Really slick. The top layer of the snow would compact into ice that wasn't thick enough to hold up most of the rigs. Tires would dig instantly down into the powder below which made for some really, really good stucks. I'm talking winch stalling stucks. (My winch seems to be pretty anemic which doesn't help).
So, while Scott had the most fun, he also paid the highest price with some tree damage. I feel pretty bad about that one. :/ I grazed a tree too, which only re-dented some pre-existing Billing's canyon damage.
My Gen 1 4runner did fine in the snow (all my tires were <10PSI), and got a great shakedown workout for CM2007. I had 2 mechanical problems too. ARB line came unplugged, (I didn't use the lockers much anyway due to the sidehill nature of most of our trip.) and, something happened to my fan controller. I know, Bill told me it would do that. :) 2 minutes with the leatherman and my fan runs all of the time now. (Still needs a big honkin' relay or two however)

Things I'm going to try to remember for next time:

Try to get only 1 truck stuck at a time. (I think we had 3 out of 5 stuck many times today!) Put the bigger trucks on the ends of the train. Even if you have to shuffle the deck to get a bigger truck in position to help, at least you end up with the choice of forward or backwards and maybe the ability to winch from either (or both) ends.

Things I learned watching Scott:

When winching yourself away from a tree in the snow, let the winch make the tires go around. It leaves better, straight tracks and really helps get you away from the tree. Then, there will be a point when the winch angle that was so good at getting the front clear will try to drag the rear INTO the tree. You have to drive with the rear tires and steer toward the tree at this point to clear the problem.

Scott is a better driver in the snow than me. I just gas it and hope something hooks up. Scott rolls into the throttle to reduce initial tire spin when getting unstuck. Scott is also really good at keeping the truck moving between forward and reverse when "rocking" it. I think he has a hydraulic shuttle clutch in there. ;)

Winch tips:

Conifers always have better roots than aspens. We didn't tip any trees, but I've seen both tipped, and aspens just don't have any roots!

Get really good tow points. Front and Rear. You never know when you will be called upon to strap someone HARD.

Thanks Scott!

J Kimmel 04-15-2007 11:40 PM

thats it? All that for one picture? You can do better!

Hulk 04-16-2007 12:24 AM

Good report. Sounds like a goodish day.

subzali 04-16-2007 08:41 AM

We were shoveling so much there wasn't time for pictures. I think Tony got quite a few, maybe he'll share. Fun but frustrating day for me, I too learned a lot about winching and snow driving techniques - though I'm not sure I'm ready to barrel through the woods as fast as Scott was! :eek:

All the times I got stuck (10 or 12 I think?) has got me thinking about springover with high-steer, 36 swampers, FJ60 power steering, dual batteries+winch, OBA and maybe a front locker, though that wouldn't have helped Sunday - tires with enough float to stay on top of the corn snow were definitely the order of the day! Though it raises a question Wes has posed before - at which point do the trails just become too easy? :dunno:

Brahma definitely got a shakedown workout since tearing into the top end of the engine. Steve's comment about not letting up and wanting to see tires spinning like a banshee before giving in gave me images of andrew farmer and his 6500 rpm FJ40 Gertrude on MUD :D. I did my best by flooring it in 2nd low and eventually with some pushing was able to barrel through the spring hanger-eating icy concrete slush. yuck. Thanks again Scott and everybody for the help and patience getting me out!

Chains were no good, they just dug down faster and got you stuck faster Sunday. Does anybody have my T-handle for my chains? I think I dropped it on the trail when I was removing my chains.

DaveInDenver 04-16-2007 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by J Kimmel (Post 32405)
thats it? All that for one picture? You can do better!

Yeah, one stinkin' photo and it's not even of anyone in the snow.


JadeRunner 04-16-2007 02:14 PM

There were 7 of us. Steve Rudy, Matt Miller, Mike Brown, Loren and various others. The conditions were absolutely the worst I have seen, you would be constantly thrown into the downhill side of the road and into trees and it wouldn't take much to get high centered. It wasn't very much fun trying to get through the trail with this happening all the time and we didn't get much wheelin' in at all.

The first left hand turn from the parking lot up the dirt road road had an icy section that would put you right into the trees. This was were Ric ran into trouble the other week from Kevin's cross post. I might have been able to squeeze through but didn't want to take the group through there. So we went back to the parking lot and around the other way on the road the advanced group on the snow and pizza run went. That road wasn't any better but we gave it a go.

Without a lift, larger tires with aggressive tread, winch and snatch block, you were totally reliant on others to get you through. Thank goodness Steve Rudy was there with his winch and eager beaver attitude, we spent so much time in "recovery" mode is was ridiculous. The conditions were such that without a winch and snatch block several rigs would have slid off the road or have been wasted against trees (including mine -I broke out my rear side window on a branch - driver error). Also thanks for Matt Miller for always being helpful with his proper shovel, staying on top of his rigs situation and position even though he had so many problems getting high centered and setting an good example of being prepared with proper footwear, food and general awareness of the situation. I certainly concluded a few things that will change on how I setup runs in the future - especially these spring snow runs.

I'll post some pictures tonight.

subzali 04-16-2007 02:50 PM

Yeah definitely need to give props to Steve Rudy for handling the winch and keeping spirits high! :clap: Sunday was an exercise in working as a team to get everyone out with as little damage as possible!

Good to see that Chris in the Green 4Runner and Tony in the Ruby got out on their own!

subzali 04-16-2007 09:02 PM

Nevermind about the T-handle; buddy of mine and I just went up there looking for it and found it in the mud. Scott I also have your short-handled shovel; it was sitting on the side of the trail too :confused:

JadeRunner 04-16-2007 10:51 PM

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I wasn't in the picture taking mood after a while. These are pics of the first tree I got into and the place I struggled so much in getting turning around at.

Thanks Matt, I'll get that shovel from you at the next meeting in June I guess.

JadeRunner 04-17-2007 09:14 AM

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Here are pics from Tony (he drove the new Rubicon).

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