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DesertRat 11-11-2005 06:39 PM

HELP with Tire selection
Hey all. Figured this group would have some good advice on choosing new tires for my Cruiser. I thought I was confused :confused: when I bought my new TV but the choices in Tires has certainly made my head spin.
I have a 71 Cruiser that currently has 31 10.5 15 I have a 2 1/2" lift and am cutting the rear wells out and am thinking on going to a 33 x 12.5 x 15
I have checked out most of the major brands but really wanted some feedback from you all who certainly have had more experience than me.
My cruiser is used about 75% of the time off road with most of the trips to Moab area (plan to go to Cruise Moab in 06 for the first time :) ) and remainder in mtns (western Colorado)
Any and all feed back would be GREATLY appreciated.

farnhamstj 11-11-2005 07:31 PM

bfg mt 33x12.5
Great tires offroad in any conditions. Not great on ice covered pavement. I've been told siping does wonders. I got mine from 4wheelparts.com mounted and balanced on 15" rims for less than I could find them without rims. I picked them up in Dever to save the freight. Check out ih8mud for the part# for the rims. I did have to get 1/8" spacer for the front to clear the calipers. I would buy them again.

Rezarf 11-11-2005 09:09 PM

I went through this last spring, I went with Goodyear MTR's. They made a huge difference on my cruisers highway habits and they are a lot nicer all around than the Swampers I was running.

They balanced well, and they are wearing really well. They have an extra sidewall ply over the BFG's if I remember correctly.

I am very happy with my tires... FWIW, I bought them from Summit Racing and had them shipped for only 5 bucks each... no tax. Sweet deal.

Rezarf <><

leiniesred 11-14-2005 09:44 AM

Goodyear MTRs
First choice. Long lasting. Quieter than the BGFMT's (Which are not that bad either) Both work well in the dirt. Advangate: MTRs.

El Flaco 11-14-2005 10:00 AM

BFG M/T is an excellent tire in every way except for its traction in icy conditions...horrible. Ive been thruough two sets and they wear well. I will be going Goodyear MTR in the near future as replacements however. Doesnt get any better than MTR. Drawback is price...but they are worth the $$.

wesintl 11-14-2005 10:15 AM

75% = Super Swampers.

While I think the mt's are "ok" in the tread dept the 3 ply sidewall is as strong as toilet paper... :eek:

You can tell I'm a fan of bias ply's

Romer 11-14-2005 10:31 AM

I have the BFG AT's on both rigs and am very happy with them. Great balance for on and off road.

Hulk 11-14-2005 11:15 AM

Love my Goodyear MT/Rs. My 40 has the 33 x 12.50 R15 MT/Rs. Great off-road, does suprisingly well on snow and ice too!

DesertRat 11-14-2005 06:35 PM

Well I knew I could count on you cruiser dudes to help out with some good advice. :D I always appreciate the sales pitch I get but think advice from those using the tires the way they were intended........read that "under neath a Cruiser" is much more benificial to me. I appreciate it and hope to see some of you at Cruise Moab this year.

Red_Chili 11-15-2005 09:22 AM

Another vote for MT/Rs. Great in all conditions including ice, and wear very well. Running my second set of 35x12.50/15s on the Chili.

The only problems: this last set came from the factory somewhat less than round. Apparently after producing all they could for Iraq the factory switched back to commercial production and, um, perhaps some of the roundness quality checks (totally unnecessary on HUMM-Vs, I guess) were not reimplemented - or something like that, I am told. Goodyear bought another set for me gratis, including replacing my fourth tire which was also a little lumpy and was bought by me over three years ago.

So look at the tires on the balancing machine and accept only if round - that goes for all tire brands. Except Intercos, you won't find a round one ever. Do keep in mind that 'round' with OHV tires is a relative term though, not like P225/60R-17 V rated sports car tires or such.

This current set is plenty round enough. The only other problem I've had, not really related to the MT/Rs, is turning my wheels inside the tire when 4 wheeling, and then bouncing all the way home. After I qualified for the Frequent Rebalancer award, the GY manager suggested Centramatic auto balancers (not that he didn't like seeing me and kibbitzing about wheeling or anything, but...). At 2 large, they are not an impulse item, but I gotta tell ya I love them. I had to sleeve three lugs per corner as my lugs are 12mm, and they were drilled for 1/2", but shrink tube is a resource with many applications.

Once sleeved, worked great. No weights, no bounce, and if I ever need to cook a pizza or four when camping I just have to pull the wheel.

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