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cxs 11-15-2005 01:21 PM

Another New cruiser
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Hi All - Been lurking here off and on and thought it's time to introduce myself. Below is my new cruiser - '88 FJ62, rust free, pretty much stock with sliders and BFG 31x10.5x31.

I'll add that I may be a "senior" member of the cruiser community by age, certainly not experience as recent events have proven. :eek: As a MN transplant my wife and I love mountain drives and after sitting at the base of Tincup last Summer my wife said "We need a 4x4!" I wasn't about to argue, thus the 62. :D

As a retired "at-home dad" I's like to say "Hi!" to Michael Aaron if he's still doing that gig himself.

74fj40 11-15-2005 02:06 PM

Congrats!!! That, is a very clean cruiser! come to the next meeting, and see what its all about.

nakman 11-15-2005 02:07 PM

Welcome! Wow, what a pretty red 62! Mike Aaron (Uglibus) left us poor chaps here in Colorado a couple years ago for the hills of Idaho, but he still pops in from time to time on the forum. You can always shoot him a PM, either here or on ih8mud. Thanks for posting up! :)

74fj40 11-15-2005 02:11 PM

oh, forgot to say themeetings are on the first wednesday of everymonth, at stevenson toyota.

Hulk 11-16-2005 11:06 AM

Nice 62! Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Uncle Ben 11-16-2005 11:32 AM

Another wagon....thats awesome! 40's are getting scarce! :eek: Welcome! :cool:

FJBen 11-16-2005 04:04 PM

Welcome....nice cruiser

cxs 11-18-2005 10:57 AM

Thanks All
I just might show up at Stevenson for a meeting to see what this is all about. :)

wesintl 11-18-2005 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by cxs
I just might show up at Stevenson for a meeting to see what this is all about. :)

Basically a support group for addicts :D

CardinalFJ60 11-18-2005 11:41 AM

Hello, my name is...

Here's part of the meeting minutes that got omitted:

CardinalFJ60: "Hello, my name is Shawn, I'm a Cruiser-holic"

RisingSun Members: "HELLO! Shawn"

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