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powderpig 11-18-2005 07:40 AM

Mini air compressors
Mostly what it said. Yep on the mud forum is doing a group buy on these little air compressors that are really a good value. You can read about them on a couple of the links. you can buy them locally for around 70 at pep boys. He looks to have gotten it down so far for about 42 plus shipping. I personally have not had one, but I have liked all the reviews I have read about. According to the reviews they have been holding up well, will fill tires in a resionable amount of time. A national mag rated them real well.
Mostly I wanted to give a head up, I have order a couple for my self to have if needed as a back up to the CO tank, for the wife's car.
He is placing the order on monday and will not take requests after that to buy in on this order. later robbie

nakman 11-18-2005 09:09 AM

Thanks for the heads up, Robbie, will have to look into getting one or two of those. Great backup for the CO2, good to toss in the other car, use for filling up bike tires & footballs etc. ;)

JadeRunner 11-18-2005 09:36 AM

Robbie can you give us the link to that thread. I did a quick search on mud and only found an old thread. I want one.

nakman 11-18-2005 10:13 AM

Scott, it's in Outfitting somewhere..

powderpig 11-18-2005 11:02 AM

do not really know how to copy links. but go to the outfitting sections. group buy on really powerful 12v air compressor. later robbie

Red_Chili 11-18-2005 12:39 PM

I assume you are talking about the MV-1050 unit. I am running two of them hardmounted in the Chili with the front bumper utilized as an air tank. They work just fine. The quality is not bad at all, especially considering my money went to building Chinese nuclear submarines:eek: .

They are a little heat-sensitive being in the engine bay, and if running one by itself it overheats and shuts down before completing the fourth tire. Running two in parallel kicks but and rivals CO2 time however, plus, you have redundancy in case of failure. I also carry a third one as a mobile unit in the other trucks. I thought of mounting them in the side panels in the rear, but couldn't come up with a good system.

Not to rub it in or anything (yeah, right), but I paid $25/each on closeout at Checkers. Checkers figured they weren't selling because they didn't plug into the cig lighter (!!!!). SO they dropped the price and they started breaking Mach 1 out the door once people knew they existed.

Dumb Checker advertising execs...

JadeRunner 11-18-2005 10:19 PM

Wow Bill , sounds like you were way ahead of us. I think I'll change my order to two. I like the idea of hard mounting them.

Romer 11-18-2005 11:23 PM

Here you go


powderpig 11-19-2005 07:14 AM

Well the sudden influx of RS guys has caused Yep to close the order. Funny how that happens. Any hoo I can not wait for them to come and play with some set up for the truck. While I like the CO tank, the electric pumps will be great for those long trips north or south of the borders ( and a few trips inside as well). Thanks bill for shareing your experence for these little guys. later robbie

Red_Chili 11-21-2005 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by JadeRunner
Wow Bill , sounds like you were way ahead of us. I think I'll change my order to two. I like the idea of hard mounting them.

I found a couple other things of interest. The hose quick connect fitting is nonstandard, interestingly the very same as the ARB 'quick' (yeah, right) fill kit. I tossed that so I could use my shop standard. You can use barb fittings to adapt 1/8" NPT fittings to the fill hose if you like the fill hose/deflator arrangement (works pretty well). I used the pressure gauge on a Tee fitting in the fill line to see the tire pressure (they are pretty accurate, if a little light on resolution - 5 lb. increments), and left another on a Tee hardmounted to see the system pressure. I then put a 1/8" NPT ball valve so I could shut off the fill and read the tire pressure without disconnecting anything else.

Some of the fittings on the compressor are 1/4" NPT and pretty painless to adapt to hardmounted lines. Some are not; they are pretty close to 1/8" NPT but not quite (I think they are not NPT, but straight threads, with the fittings held in place via red Locktite). I prefer the sealing qualities of tapered threads, so I forced- um, let me say, 'persuaded' 1.8" NPT fittings onto / into these fittings. Examples would be, the output port, and the pressure gauge male end/ gauge female port (which is functionally the same as the output port, I took the head off - O-ring gasket - and examined it, so you can have a side output if that suits you better).

If you are not into forcing things, picking up an 1/8" and 1/4" NPT tap set is the solution, but not really needed. Threadlocker is. You might need a tap for a bumper 'air tank' if you do what I did, using a rubber air hose and threaded barb fitting to fit it.

I think the part number for the rubber isolators is 17853-35010, a rubber bushing with 8mm studs protruding both sides. You will need some nylock nuts for these (cheaper almost anywhere but Toyota). Pop out the rubber feet from the air compressor and replace with these. Don't hold me to it, but I do think that's it.

Oh, I almost forgot. Be sure to test the compressor before hardmounting it. I had one that decided to not work after I mounted it, this enabled me to discover that one compressor under the hood is a little susceptible to thermal shutdown... :o I unmounted it, disassembled it, and fixed an intermittent on the on/off switch. Oh, and I left the switches in place for selective shutdown if needed for whatever reason. You could elect to remove them.

Use a fatter gauge wire than what comes with the compressors, and you will have less voltage drop. CarQuest carries the appropriate relays (12V, 30A) and bases (I think a headlight socket, actually!) for the relays. Radio Shack carries just the relays. They are available elsewhere on a hit-and-miss basis.

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