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60wag 10-21-2007 09:09 AM

Coney flats/Buchanan pass trail
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I had a great run up the Buchanan pass road and out through Coney flats yeaterday. It was the first snow run of the year for me. The snow and ice on the road was minimal but it got me fired up about the white stuff to come. At the closure of the pass road, I parked the truck and hiked a bit. The actual pass is 6 miles from the closure. I made it about 2.5 miles before the snow became too deep. It would have been a great snowshoe trip.

After hiking back down to the truck, I drove up the hill to Coney Flats. This really is a sweet trail - nothing too hairy but some good varied climbing, some steep. The 80 rocked. This was really the first time I've had the thing out on a trail. When driving it around town, I've thought it felt a lot "bigger" than the 60. The trail time got me used to the feel of the rig as it passed over rocks. I think I'm in love. The auto tranny really does take the work out of it.

Up at Coney Flats there is a decent sized water crossing. The area had had at least 6 inches of snow that was melting fast in the bright sun so the water crossing was deeper than expected at this time of year. There was a group of 3 Chevys on 37s that had just gone through the pond and broken up the ice a bit. I gave it a go and played ice breaker with the 80. As expected, the 80 performed beautifully. One of the Chevy guys took some pictures for me. It gives you a feel for how thick the ice was. Unfortuneately he didn't get a shot of the Cruiser in the deepest part of the water. For a few moments I was imagining myself trying to attach a strap to the front hook standing in the icy water. Fortunately it wasn't needed.

After the pond I got in front of the Chevys and got to break ice in the numerous puddles on the road leading back to Beaver Reservoir. Its a neat feeling to have the front tires trying to climb up on the ice and have them break through. Chunks of ice were breaking a flipping up in air in front of the truck - lots of fun.

The last pic is a 42(?) in Lefthand Canyon. Anybody know anything about it?

A few pics from the day

nakman 10-21-2007 02:15 PM

Wow! That water looks deep, agreed that's the last place you'd want to stop and have to hook up a strap. very cool..

acon40 10-21-2007 11:06 PM

isn't that last pic of the cruiser....isn't that for sale I though.

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