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Rzeppa 12-23-2005 04:13 PM

FEAT needs our help
Got this from Gene King today:

From: "Gene W. King" <gwking33@msn.com>
To: CoA4WDCI eGroups , CoABOD eGroups , ExecTalk@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [ExecTalk] FEAT need clubs help
Date: Dec 23, 2005 4:54 PM
Ever since the last big snowstorm where FEAT was activated, I have been getting requests from other organization/hospitals for us to assist them. I have had to turn them down.

We have an agreement with Denver's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to provide 4x4 transportation to the city's emergency service workers during a snow emergency declared by the Mayor.

When FEAT is activated, I never know how many volunteers will respond. Last time we were swamped with requests for transportation by the city's folks and, struggle as we did, we got every one transported.

Because of the many requests for FEAT service, I would like the CoA4WDCI club's to check in their local area (including outside of Denver) and locate the major hospital(s) and then contact them and offer your club's ability to move their emergency services people to and from work/home locations in case of a snow emergency. Contact me and I can provide you with an action plan.

Needless to say this is good PR for the CoA4WDCI and last time we received coverage and recognition from radio, TV, and the Post and News plus kudos' from the Mayor's office and the Denver Chief of Police.

If/when your club hooks up with a facility, please provide me with the information.



Shark Bait 12-23-2005 09:33 PM

I'd be happy to volunteer. With two wagons I should be able to make it just about anywhere. :)

Maddmatt 12-24-2005 08:55 PM

I'm all signed up with FEAT, got my information packet and everything, but as this is my first year doing it, I'm not sure how it works. My assumption was that a FEAT call from the northern region (Boulder/Louisville/Lafayette/Longmont/etc...) would be routed a volunteer in that area anyway? Maybe not? Anyway, I'm happy to help where needed.

Hulk 12-27-2005 04:16 PM

Is there a method for signing up online?

nakman 12-27-2005 04:21 PM

Yeah, check this out: http://www.cohvco.org/ca4wdci/web_pgs/feat.html

edit: and I realize that you can't register on line, but you can print out the .pdf and mail it in. They don't have a web genius like we do, so no on line registration. ;)

Beater 01-01-2006 08:36 AM

I am a feat member and have been for years. Having done the last few blizzards, I can tell you that the people you run around are some of the most appreciative people on the planet.

However, DO NOT VOLUNTEER if you can't handle driving around in a blizzard for 8 to 10 hours.

In the last storm, I ferried people to and from the denver correctional facility (why someone would work at smith road, and live in green mountain is beyond me), got surgeons to sloans lake, and police dispatchers and staffers to work.

I remember thinking when I was done that I now knew why I had built my truck.


Inukshuk 01-03-2006 01:55 PM

I'm a FEAT member too
I'm a FEAT member too. Did the big blizzard three years ago.

Uncle Ben 01-03-2006 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by DanielMarkofsky
I'm a FEAT member too. Did the big blizzard three years ago.

I used to be a member for quite a while. I am no longer elgible because I plow snow and their new policies rule against allowing folks in who might not be available when called upon. Seems silly to me as I am very set up in many ways to handle the worst weather out there! I am still on call lists through Avista hospital, Louisville fire department and Westminster Fire Department. Broomfield doesn't maintain an emergency call list BTW. :confused:

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