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subzali 01-01-2006 08:56 PM

New parts chaser in the family...
:o Well only because I had to use the 40 to get parts for the red pickup, now that's a first! :D Up till now it's been the other way around! It was funny though because even though I have two vehicles available to me, they were both inoperable simultaneously for a bit on Friday. After fixing my broken lug stud (mumble mumble mumble Discount...) I was going to change out all the shocks, but left the tire off with the shock off till my dad got home so I could ask him about it. So while I was waiting the low-hanging fuel lines (below the frame rail) really started to bug me so I decided to take a look at them. As I started to pull/push etc. gasoline started to leak down on me! "Oh great I was gonna go four-wheeling next week!" So I looked at it and a small 6" piece of fuel line had a hole in it, simple enough fix with a new piece of line I found in our garage. But I still got fuel all over the place since that connection is below the gas tank, even with holding my thumb over the hardline while trying to fit the softline to the fuel filter... :rolleyes:

So got it back together and found a bracket on the frame that I moved to a different hole to hold the two fuel lines up higher :cool: , so now the lowest hanging part of the vehicle is the exhaust pipe, which hopefully will be fixed before any major rocky wheeling takes place... So then I had to run to town in the Cruiser to get new shocks for the red pickup, but found the warranty had expired ('doh!). BTW also check your shocks, my rear driver was missing the mounting bolt and washer, so I had to scrounge those from the garage too. My dad has so much useless but useful stuff in the garage! ;)

Just wanted to share; next up: Monday's snow trip!

nuclearlemon 01-02-2006 09:16 AM


My dad has so much useless but useful stuff in the garage! ;)

hahaha....sounds like my saturday. my buddy from work bought a new jeep and wanted to swap axles and springs from his old jeep to the new one. found two shackle bolts were crap...so, i dug through my old bolts and i had the exact size he needed (pretty hard to do in a metric garage). then, his shocks wouldn't fit. so, i dug through my old shocks and a pair i pulled of a cruiser i parted were perfect for one jeep, and i loaned him the fronts from the pig to get him going on the second jeep.

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