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Hants 02-09-2008 03:33 PM

Another one bites the dust...
... Just smoked my Technician (35), and passed my General (29).

They really wanted me to go for Extra -- I guess 19 for a series of 50 WAGs is OK? ;)

Now, I just need to get a radio... I guess I need to schedule time for a trip up to HRO.


P.S. HamTestOnline.com is definitely my friend!

DaveInDenver 02-09-2008 03:37 PM

Congrats! Watch the FCC database, you are legal once your call sign shows up. Should be about a week, unless you're Robbie.

Shark Bait 02-10-2008 09:47 AM

Congrats on your license, Hants! :clap:

Convert 02-10-2008 01:40 PM

Congrats Hants :cheers:

Hulk 02-10-2008 11:07 PM

Way to go, Mr. H!

Hants 02-14-2008 04:13 PM


Now, I just have to get myself a rig!


powderpig 02-14-2008 04:34 PM

Way to go Hants, have fun with this. catch you soon, robbie

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