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Tramontana 02-22-2008 02:06 PM

I have a HUGE favor to ask of someone...
...depending upon if and when I pass my exam and get my ticket, I'm wondering if someone might have an HT that I could borrow for a weekend trip in March?

I'm organizing a dual sport motorcycle ride w/ a bunch of inmates from www.advrider.com and will have 40 yahoos's on DS bikes out riding the Kokopelli Trail from Fruita to Moab the weekend of March 14-17.

If I pass, and IF my call sign comes up in time, I was hoping to have an HT along on the trip for "emergency use".

I would promise to keep it packed away safe and sound in a padded and waterproof location, safe from shock, water and dust if someone might have something I could borrow that would allow me emergency access to any of the western CO and Moab area repeaters? Pretty please?!

RedChili will be on this trip with me, and you can check my reference with him. (umm, maybe not, or only believe half of what he says?:hill:)

I would be indebted to you and very thankful.



Uncle Ben 02-22-2008 02:10 PM

You were doing well and I was considering it until you mentioned Red Chili....sorry can't help you! :eek: ;)

I will consider it, seriously! :) :lmao:

Groucho 02-22-2008 03:06 PM

Yes, I do, and yes you may.

Tramontana 02-22-2008 05:28 PM

Many incredible thanks to you guys!
I certainly appreciate it since my budget isn't going to allow me the purchase of the HT that I want prior to the trip.

I really hope to have something as soon as possible, but in time for the Field Day without a doubt!

Too bad most of the high passes will still be snowed in for field day, as I was hoping to get into the high country to do some work.

Worst case, I guess we could snow shoe in?!:lmao:


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