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powderpig 02-24-2008 10:18 AM

I am sitting 800ft below
Below the Lee hill Repeater. I can see antennas . I do not really know what that means in the long run, but I think it means that I can have real good reception for talking to people at times. I will have to learn more. But any way, I need to get me a HT and play some more, or when the weather is warmer, I can sit in the truck and play. Most nights that you all are playing, it is too dang cold to sit in the truck and talk with you all. Yes I know I could start the truck and waste fuel, but I would rather spend that money on going some where. Next up a HT. Hope to talk to you all soon. Besides the repeater, where can I find what is up on the Hill(I know all those antennas can be jsut one repeater)? I may just have to take a walk up the hill soon. :thumb: later Robbie

Hants 02-24-2008 09:32 PM

I have no local experience, so what I say below may not be relevant here.

In Southern California, I have done work on several local "mountains". They each have multiple shacks & towers. Each shack has racks in it that are leased/rented out. Each tower has a bunch of antennas on it, owned by a bunch of different organizations.

A lot of it is high-power stuff. Pretty dangerous to be too close (walking around on the ground should be safe).

If there's a ham repeater up there, a HT would be very useful. Even if the repeater isn't linked, you could use it for simplex and get *big* range.

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