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MDH33 04-20-2008 09:52 PM

One week weekend left!
Wow, only one weekend left before CM '08!!!

Just finished replacing All the fluids in my 40, valve adjust, plugs, wires, filters, tune, etc.

What do you have left to do and what do you need help with before the festivities begin?


New U-joints in my front drive shaft. Already pulled it and have new spiders from CDan.

Hard top off and soft top on. (I could use a hand lifting top off next weekend if any has a few minutes. :beer: is on me)

Rotate tires, pack my gear and I'm ready to roll! :thumb:

What do you have to do?

PabloCruise 04-20-2008 10:13 PM

I just got done putting in a clutch master.

I need to log some damn miles on Pig to make sure she is good to go!

MDH33 04-20-2008 10:22 PM

Pre-Moab Workday Saturday and shakedown run Sunday? sounds like a perfect plan.

subzali 04-20-2008 11:46 PM

After everything I got done today, the truck needs almost nothing! :thumb: I found out that my t-case is pumping fluid into my tranny though, I thought it wasn't :( I do need to program the access codes for the repeaters into my Ham though...

Today: new winch cable, mounted fire extinguishers on new brackets, greased driveshafts, topped off t-case and drained tranny, fixed brake lights and reverse lights (bad bulbs and grounds), adjusted voltage regulator, washed it (muy importante ;) ), swept out interior, loaded a bunch of junk into it

Before CM: gotta get a new winch hook and glass cut for pass. side rear view mirror

To do later: replace rear springs (and maybe fronts), also starter on the red truck just quit today without warning so it looks like I'll be push-starting it until after CM when I'll have the time and energy to attack it :(

timmbuck2 04-21-2008 12:29 AM

this weekend I changed oil and fluids and built sleeping platform/storage and shelf system in the 80...still to do:

install 2.5 inch lift
bend sliders down so they don't rub door
wire and install CB
BUY and install Ham
rotate tires
new headlight
MAYBE buy ARB front bumper and install...
get alignment done after the lift



nuclearlemon 04-21-2008 12:49 AM

determine there is still a clutch issue

get interior back in since ace is out of the material that i started to do the interior in.

put in tie downs for the spare, but don't get to the air tank since the "self tapping" screws won't self tap

hook up trailer to determine that everything is completely wonky except the brakes (as long as they work, who the hell needs turn signals....oh, wait, the marker lights flash...that works)

corsair23 04-21-2008 03:08 AM

Too much to do and so little time...Panic has officially set in!

Completed so far:

(1) PHH and FHH hoses replaced (80 series owners will understand and yes my arms are beat to sh*%)
(2) Starter rebuilt (having the starter out almost make the PHH easy to get to - Considered for about 30 seconds replacing the fuel filter while it was out)
(3) Majority of cooling system hoses replaced - some Dan sent me I couldn't figure where the heck they went :confused: and some a couple I decided to forgo till the next time. Most of them are stuck so well I gave up trying to get both ends off and was just happy the end I did get off went back on :eek:
(4) Have the new rotors attached to the hubs with new rear hub seals and repacked bearings waiting to go back on
(5) Replaced my tire carrier bottom seal I boogered up last year on install and put in new grease (PS it is much harder to fix this after installed than during install should anyone repeat my mistake :))
(6) Helped (very little) at the Nakman & Farr lift install party

Left to do

(1) Flush the cooling system and refill (still trying to figure out how to do this on a rig sitting on jackstands :hill:)
(2) Put rotors/hubs back on
(3) Replace front brake pads (100 series)
(4) Flush and bleed brake system
(5) Clean air filter
(6) Complete tune up (*)
(7) Install winch quick disconnect (*)
(8) Fix winch (*)
(9) Adj parking brake (*)
(10) Fill CO2 bottle (*)
(11) All the other crap I'm forgetting

* = not likely to get done :(

At this point I'm just hoping to get the LX road worthy again and make it to Moab...

Red_Chili 04-21-2008 08:19 AM

-Change the alternator belt (PPW says to use a new one regardless, guess I will have a spare that also happens to fit the PS, not a bad thing).
-Move the heavy ground from the frame to the alternator itself. Oops. Read the instructions moron.

Got rock sliders built and installed on Squishy's truck, shortened his bumper I made him before to fit the bobbed bed. Turned out sweet and clean. Took all freaking day yesterday. The kid owes me big time! (I think he knows that though... :lmao:).

Maybe throw together a mount for a second tool case to hold all the bits. The rollover taught me how important it is to have EVERYthing tied down. If not, straps have worked so far. Cheesy though.

Pack the camper, rinse off the soft tops of it from the Moab dirt from the Kokopelli trip so I can install a new layer of Moab dirt. :lmao:

Pack, gas up, move on down the road!

Tch2fly 04-21-2008 08:30 AM

Hmmm, let's see

Must do's...
Change oil and filter, clean air filter, fluid level checks
Swap front control arms
Power port in rear for fridge
Install fire extinguisher
Pack spare parts and tools
Create new playlists for iPod

Might do's...
Install new belts and if so a new fan clutch

Absolutely do ..
Spend 2-3 days overthinking how to modify my rear storage to hold the fridge... before leaving it as is (until the week before Rubithon when process begins again):hill:

leiniesred 04-21-2008 10:36 AM

I finished the bathroom remodels yesterday! WooHoo! I have reserved next weekend for truck work. I literally haven't touched it since the last trip to moab. (It sits outside in storage about 15 miles from my house.)

So, I have done NOTHING so far. I guess I won't be getting much done for CM this year!
The final weekend will include the annual oil change, ARB line replacement, relay replacement axle seal replacement (1 side only) new wire to hold the exhaust on.

That should be enough for now. Yup, gonna have to break down and spend some time doing maintenance!

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