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nugget 07-04-2008 09:17 PM

2nd Annual Chokecherry Canyon Cleanup June 13-15
Sorry it took me so long to get this up. I have been beyond busy the last few weeks...

Degenerates trip report:

I left work at 5:00 Thursday afternoon and met up with Brian in Vegas, NV around 8:30. He had already packed all of his junk, and we were ready to roll after getting some more Red Bulls and fuel. We decided a couple days prior that it would be better if we were to drive all night and arrive as early as possible on Friday to unload and get setup for the cleanup. We left Vegas around 9:00 on Thursday night with me driving. The road down to Hoover Dam was swervy, and very narrow, which brought the suck. We bombed to I-40 and continued our journey up to Farmington. I was chugging Red Bulls and water to stay awake and was feeling really good. After stopping for fuel 3 times, 6 Red Bulls, and 10 hours we arrived in Farmington around 6:30am Friday morning.

No one was there yet, so we unloaded the truck and went trail riding. After hitting RJ's and Arches, we came back to meet up with our other degenerates. Joe and his wife, and Kevin were there, so we decided to hit Garage while we wait for other degenerates/people to roll in. After Garage we met up with Danny and Tyler from Albuquerque and made dinner. Nick rolled up with Joe and this other dude (can't remember his name) after dinner (its probably around 6pm or so at this time). We then proceeded to hit RJ's again where Nick rolled his junk. Got back at camp around midnight and hung out for an hour or so before hitting the sack (at this point Brian and myself have been up for 42 hours straight).

Woke up the next morning bright and early to get all the cleanup stuff sorted out. Chandler and Steven showed up, our degenerates from Arizona! The show up was rather dissapointing, but we made the best of it. I would say there were 20 of us, with another 20-30 BLM guys and XTO energy guys. In 4 hours we cleaned up 3 and a half dumpsters full of trash from the area.

The BLM guys in Farmington are no joke, and are here for us. Without them, this event would have been nowhere near as succesfull. They stepped up in ways that I have never seen any office do before, and we are very lucky to have them in the chokecherry canyon area. I, and the degenerates, deeply thank the BLM for everything they have done for us, thanks guys!! Waste Management provided the 4 dumpsters free of charge, which was awesome!! XTO stepped up big and provided a tri tip lunch with beans, potato salad, catfish, and a whole slew of other goodies. It was the best Lunch I have seen anyone donate for any event I've been too, it was outstanding. On their day off, the XTO guys came out and helped us clean up the area AND provided us a lunch, these guys are truly standup guys, and have my deepest thanks!

After the cleanup it was time to hit the trail, it was nearly 1:00pm at this point. We hit Ferrin's trail first, where Troy quickly rolled his junk. After that we hit Beaver Falls where Troy broke his front output shaft on his t-case and proceeded to break his front passenger main leaf spring. After a lengthy recovery we went back to camp and had some pizza. After dinner we hit Cobra, and ran into the local 667 Rockers at the end. We decided to hit RJ's with them, even though it was about 11am in the morning at this point. One of the 667 boys was fully gettin it on a side obstacle and rolled his buggy hard. The whole front of the chassis was busted, links ripping off, engine mount tube busted, support tubes all over cracked or busted. It was the worst carnage I have ever seen. It was a lengthy recovery, and took till 3:00 in the morning. We woke up about 9:00am and waited around/rested a bit and decided to hit Waterfall trail. Here is where we took our time. We were beat from wheeling/driving the whole weekend (got about 8 hours of sleep in 4 days). We would go some stop and hang out under a tree and continue. The trail pretty much took all day and we headed back to camp for dinner. Later that night we hit Arches and got back to camp around midnight. We hung out till 1:00 or 2:00am and got up around 9:00am Monday morning.

We loaded up our junk and headed home. We landed in Vegas about 6pm, and I decided to continue my journey to Ridgecrest, and arrived home about 11pm. Got up at 6am and went to work. The best weekend I have had for awhile :D Now for the pictures

About 5:00 in the morning near Shiprock:

Cleanup Pictures

Nick's Roll on RJ's

Troy's Roll Aftermath

Troy's Front Output and Leaf Spring

Rodney of 667 Rockers and his damage

Rest of the photos:

Part I of video :

Part II

Part III
Will be up in about a week and a half….I will be at the Rubicon

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