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Uncle Ben 08-03-2008 07:38 PM

Had the hall pass....needed a 'wheelin fix!
Since my :zilla: ticket bailed on me I had to satisfy my needs.....
I did the marathon run and went up to Jenny Creek assessing fence posts. Jenny creek was in awesome shape the whole way! Lot's of tent and vehicles everywhere! Went up to the trail closure near Needles Eye and broke out the RC Crawler for a bit (had the Marmots very interested!) After getting tired of 'skeeters I hauled tail down the mountain and took the Mammoth Gulch turn off. Hauled tail all the way over Kingston and stopped briefly to chat with a guy in a near stock and great shape '70 FJ-40. I almost headed for Yankee Hill but realized I was close to the 40's run so I hauled butt to Empire. I thought sure the 40's should be at Bill Moore lake by that time so I made a good dust cloud up the trail towards BML. Actually got to hit all three buttons on the far left side of the washouts as I passed two full sized trucks! BML was a zoo! I had reached Martin earlier on the CB and decided to have lunch and wait for them to show up at BML. After an hour and a half I had enough Red Neck watching and decided to get back to the top of the hill and try to get CB communication with Martin and crew. They has just reached BML Loop and after I told them about the excess amount of idiots on that leg of the trail Martin decided to cut his loses and head down instead of up. Great choice! I caught up with the welcome sight of the 5 FJ-40's pretty quick. I begged for their permission to let me tag behind in my vastly sub par "Mall Cruiser" and followed them down and air up with them at the same time. Great day! Burned 3/4's of a tank of Premium and covered close to 90 miles of road (60 miles off-highway!).

Ironically, I have confirmed what many have said and even a well tuned and performing CB sucks! I was fortunate to reach Martin from about 5 miles away if I was on high ground! Ham failed me early unfortunately! My Comet antenna broke at the bottom of the mast on the plastic base on Jenny Creek from a branch hit, my HT was pulling in chat on Simplex and also the 460 repeater all the way to the road closure near Needles Eye until the battery died.(didn't have the 12v cord with me.....battery was still the same as I used in Oz, my mistake for not bringing spare batt!) I am however even more convinced than trail rigs need both 2m and CB!

Rezarf 08-04-2008 09:43 AM

Glad your back bud, can't wait to hear of your adventure.

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