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nakman 08-27-2005 09:58 PM

What do you think of the Broncos this year?
Anyone else catch tonight's game? They beat the #2 team in the NFL... yeah, it's only preseason.

nakman 08-27-2005 10:04 PM

I think we'll have a good year.. but I thought they sucked in the first half tonight, no offense except for two big plays where the Colts fell down on defense. Got lucky on a couple turnovers, though the 3rd quarter was much better until Van Pelt came in... he looked better last week. Still decent effort though, and our defense looks pretty solid. AFC West will be tough this year.

Rzeppa 08-28-2005 04:05 PM

They've got a chance, I predict another 10-6 season. Probably make the playoffs and maybe win one (there wasn't a choice in the poll to say they'll win one or two in the postseason but not win the whole enchilada).

Caught part of the 3rd quarter and most of the fourth quarter from our hotel room last night. Q looks to be trade bait. I would not be surprised to see Darious Watts cut, unless somebody can find him some rosin for his fingers. Jugs machine ain't the same as catching a pass in trafic.

The interior of the O-line looked really bad, where's Dan Neil when we need him? D-line looks really good, this Engleberger guy we got for Middlebrookes looks like a good deal in that trade. Trevor was his usual cucumber-self. Was nice to see Keith Burns making a few plays. Young corners made a bunch of rookie mistakes. Every time one of them would draw a penalty, they'd show the replay and I'd go "yep, that was interference" or holding, or whatever. Hope Champ comes back for the regular season.

I agree, Van Pelt looked better last week than last night, but hey, hopefully he'll be holding a clipboard all season, right?

Maddmatt 08-29-2005 09:59 AM

I'm in for the whole deal. No fun being a fan if you don't get your hopes up expecting a super bowl every year! :D

I think Mr. Anderson is the real deal, he put is stamp on the starting spot for sure. I loved TD, but on that 90+ yard run TD gets tackled on the 15. I thought Bell would get the starting slot until that play.

Plummer's the real deal when he keeps his head. Third year in the system, it's either make it all the way this year, or hit the road. I predict we see more passes like his 40yrd strike to Ashley, less left handed flips to the defense this year.

As for the defense, no excuses. There's no lack of talent, so if they can't keep the other teams offense at least one point behind ours all year, then I'll blame it all on Champ.

I predict 12-4, and if their playoff games are on grass, or better yet at home, it's SuperBowl Time!

wesintl 08-29-2005 10:07 AM

I'm still trying to get a hold of this whole AFC football thing :eek:

Sorry but they aren't going anywhere with Plummer running the offense. He sucks :D

Rzeppa 08-29-2005 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by wesintl
I'm still trying to get a hold of this whole AFC football thing :eek:

It's like the NFC only with better teams.


Originally Posted by wesintl
Sorry but they aren't going anywhere with Plummer running the offense. He sucks :D

He sucks when he flips the defense a left handed pass as Matt alluded to. I read something in the paper today that last preseason he threw four picks and no TDs during preseason, which was a harbinger of the regular season. This preseason he's thrown 3 TDs and no picks. Hope that means something.

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