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nuclearlemon 01-17-2009 06:17 PM

anybody one, or have any friends that are. i need a new one and i'd rather throw business to someone that i might at least kind of know.

RockRunner 01-18-2009 11:14 AM

I may have somebody. PM me your info and I will pass it on to him. He is a police officer that works for the FBI but still needs money:confused:

corsair23 01-18-2009 08:45 PM


The son of a good bud at work does roofing as his business...Shoot me a PM if you'd like his info and I can get it for you tomorrow :thumb:

rover67 02-19-2014 10:13 AM

To the top,

we need our roof replaced finally, the last wind storm really ripped a lot of shingles off.

Anybody got any recommendations?

nuclearlemon 02-19-2014 10:28 AM

how about the opposite? don't use premier roofing.

rover67 02-19-2014 10:43 AM

That's helpful too, thanks!

rover67 04-02-2014 05:20 PM

We ended up using Allied Exteriors.

worked with Brian Sparks and he was great. predominantly via text message but i guess thats the way kids do it these days. he was on it and they did nice work.


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