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RicardoJM 03-01-2009 09:31 PM

Power Steering Conversion
Recently I picked up a mini truck power steering box and got started on collecting parts to convert to power steering. My 1971 will need a fair amount of work to get this done as it does not have dual pulleys and the steering shaft is one piece that runs directly into the steering box. I'm going to chronicle my work progress here for this project.

This is the first picture of interest for this project. I have removed the radiator and associated housings. I had never flipped down my front bib, and after I got it down decided to remove it for additional clearance. I only broke one bolt (one of the posts in the black grill) and was quite pleased considering how many old bolts and nuts I had to get removed. In this picture I have removed the big ole nut and the fan blade.

The leak is from my side cover and it is on my short list to be taken care of. Before dealing with the steering box and column there are quite a few things to be done right here. I need to remove the harmonic balancer w/ single pulley and replace it with a two row pulley.

My alternator will need to move to the passenger side. In its place I will be putting a saginaw pump. I am going to use the smog pump bracket to hold the saginaw pump.

I will need to put in a water pump from 1-75 thru 8-76 2F. The pulleys for this project came off a 76 2F and the dual water pump pulley will not line up with the alternator, saginaw pump or crank pulleys if I use the 1F water pump. The new water pump pulley has a longer shaft for the flange that the fan bolts to.

RicardoJM 03-01-2009 09:38 PM

Pulley Differences
I researched this project quite a bit and never did find a good picture of the differences between the single row and two row pulleys. Here is a picture of the harmonic balancer pulleys:

Here is a photo of the water pump pulleys:

The 2 row water pump pulley is quite bigger and will require a new water pump be installed.

RicardoJM 03-01-2009 09:42 PM

Harmonic Balancer Repair Sleeve
In addition to the mysterious gasket found when cleaning the two row pulley, I noticed some significant grooves had been worn into it. The grooves were not all the way around the shaft, and I would guess were a contributing reason for the FJ making its way to the junk yard.

Some research found a repair sleeve, so a quick call to NAPA and in short order I had the correct Harmonic Balance Repair Sleeve.

Here is the sleeve just getting started on being put in place. You can see the grooves on the shaft in this picture.

I started to install the sleeve with my BFH - very gently I tapped it on. Shortly after starting, I switched to my rubber mallet. It is much lighter than the BFH and as it was a slow going processs requireing a gentle touch this was a better tool. Here is the sleeve installed.

The slight bump on the top was smoothed out prior to installation. Installation was very smooth. I lightly greased things up, lined the key way up and used the 1 13/16" big socket with the BFH to tap it in. The big ole nut threaded on most of the way by hand. I then step torqued the nut (70, then 100, then 135 lbs) and bent the locking tabs to hold it in place. :thumb:

RicardoJM 03-01-2009 09:48 PM

Fabricating the PS pump bracket
I'm using a saginaw pump from an early 80's Volvo 240 series. These pumps are readily available in the junk yard and they come with a big groove pulley that is almost a spot on match for the Toyota pulleys.

I wanted to use the smog pump bracket to mount the pulley and to do this I needed to make some changes to the bracket.

The first change is to enlarge the holes on the ears so that the 10mm X 1.5 bolts would be able to pass through. Using a 3/8" inch drill bit I was able to enlarge one of the holes big enough to run a tap through. The second hole had a small sleeve it it and the drill bit succeeded in pushing it out - the resulting hole was larger than I wanted so I tapped the sleeve back in and used a small round file to bore it out enough for the bolt. A bit tedious work, but it got the job done. Here is a picture of the bracket mounted to the workmate during this process.

I don't have a bench in my garage, so the workmate has been a great tool. This is my second one, the vise mechanism on my first one came apart after 15 years of service, so it now serves to hold parts for painting.

Once I could get the pump into the bracket, next came a series of put the bracket in the truck, see what needed to be ground away, take the bracket out of the truck, grind; repeat the cycle.

The body of the saginaw pump has a ridge that makes it just a little to deep to put the front mounting bolt in. Once I ground for the depth, I next found that the same ridge would hit the bracket and affect the rotation that would be needed to tension the belt. Here is the grinding that I did on the bracket to deal with these issues.

Fresh grinds on painted bracket really makes it clear that I should not plan on becoming a blacksmith. There is not much that needs to be ground away and there is still plenty of metal left to keep things strong.

The next item to address was the bracket to tension the pump. The smog pump bracket almost works as is but given the large size of the bolt and body contours of the saginaw pump a bit of grinding was needed. I took a little off the bottom edge of the inside loop of the bracket and just a little off the bottom arch of the bracket. Its a bit hard to see in this picture:

RicardoJM 03-01-2009 09:52 PM

Mocking the PS pump fit up
Well, with the grinding work done I could mock up the installation of the saginaw pump. I think it is going to work just fine. Here is a picture of the pump as close to the block as it will go:

With the grinding, I have plenty of room to tension the belt, here it is as far away from the block it will go:

I do need to get a 1" spacer for the bracket where it attaches to the water pump. The one that was there had to move over to alternator side. Unlike my water pump, I can use my 1F alternator but needed to space out the tension arm so it aligns with the ear. Here is a picture of my SST (nuts and washers)for determining spacer length:

This project is not done yet, but it feels good to post up my progress so far. More to come later.

PabloCruise 03-01-2009 10:53 PM

You are making some great progress!

Looks like a fun project.

Today was a beautiful day to be wrenching outside!

Rezarf 03-01-2009 11:06 PM

Wow, keep it up! You're going to LOVE power steering, perhaps the best mod for DD that can be done!

Shark Bait 03-02-2009 12:45 AM

Looking good, Ricardo. You are very thorough and good at documenting everything! :thumb:

wesintl 03-02-2009 10:57 AM

Nice Ricardo.. I might have to borrow the puller to do my front main seal.

Jacket 03-02-2009 01:44 PM

Very nice Ricardo. I for one enjoy your detailed threads and associated pictures. I'll be monitoring this one...

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