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El Jefe 03-16-2006 08:14 PM

Pep Boys compressor install
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Saw the posts on Mud about the el cheapo air compressor from Pep Boys. Decided to buy one: $59.00 - 10.00 rebate = cheap! I haven't tested it on my tires yet, don't know how well it will work, or how long it will live. But here's a pic of it installed in my 40. This one uses clamps to go on the battery, but I think I'd like to wire it through switches, one on the dash, may be one in the engine bay too so I can shut it off from there if something happens. Problem is that this thing draws a lot of amps, so I'm just going to use the clamps for now. I'm still baffled by electricity, so may be one of the electron wizards here can post instructions on how to wire it with two switches. I mounted it in the engine bay on the driver's side fender...


Red_Chili 03-17-2006 09:46 AM

Hey Chris, remind me next club meeting to pop my hood. I used two of 'em to reduce load and have a backup just in case. Two also speeds air-up. I found that on a hot day, one compressor would trip its thermal protection when mounted under the hood (engine heat) at about tire #3's finish. With two, no problemo. Another alternative would be a muffin fan of some sort.

Can't seem to kill the dang things. I gave up on the screw-on valve fitting it came with after having to hold the hose 'just right' above Central City in blistering cold wind, last run with JadeRunner. He was done (using CO2) when I was on tire #3. It takes a little longer than CO2, but not that much longer, and I could jettison the bulky bottle and gain interior room and lose weight.

El Jefe 03-17-2006 12:20 PM

Good idea on the backup, Bill. I like what I've read about them, though would rather have the powertank so I could swap it between trucks. But I could buy about eight of these little buggers for the price of the tank! I may try to mount my carb fan so that it could swivel and push some (hopefully) cooler air across the pump...the fan is visible at the bottom of the picture...


nakman 03-17-2006 01:17 PM

I've got one in each truck, but they're only backups. I did try to air up with it the other day, and it was considerably slower than CO2, at least 3x slower. plus I think the vibration broke my fancy Autogage regulator deal :mad:, because now when I clip it on the tire starts to drain, even without pushing that little button in. Also the gage on the little compressor is about 10 too high... 30 is really only 20, etc. I'm still keeping them, but my initial impression is these are just slightly better than driving to a gas station still aired down.

edit: Plus two of these was 80% of what I spent on my CO2 system, there's a huge premium on Powertank. Check out Outback, The Source, etc., which cost about half of a powertank, or piecing your own together buying the tank & regulator separate for even less.. quality of Powertank is best, but you pay for it. And no matter what you can't beat the speed & portibility of CO2, and you wouldn't want one of these little compressors to be your only air option. IMO, of course :D

Red_Chili 03-17-2006 02:48 PM

My air gauge reads 10 too high too- but only while compressing. I have a little ball valve and just close it to get purty darn accurate readings, then open it again to keep airing. I also use my front bumper as an air tank. Definitely faster with two compressors BTW.

Oh, and just to gloat, I paid $25 for each of mine- two hardmounted on little rubber feet (geyoowine Toyota parts BTW) and one for a between-vehicle floater.

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