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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Jakeberry and Iceman are really fun medium trails! Iceman is a winner of a tougher medium trail but it is a hot mofo! Not much are moving around in that deep boxed canyon! Also, if you run Iceman sweet talk/insist the leader of the run take you to the Ice Cave at the end. Not normally part of the run but a "cool" place to visit for sure! Another fun and easier medium trail is Calamity Canyon! It is the actual road that parallels the canyon bottom that is Hal Johns. You get enough obstacles to entertain you and your mildly built rig plus you get the treat of watching the hard core guys below you break their junk!
Sounds perfect.

I figure Calamity to see how I do. Should I decide SD rocks are too big, I can run some of the easier medium runs comparable to calamity. If Calamity is fun, but not too hard, I can step up to Jakeberry and Iceman. Have to talk to some locals to make sure I won't be a drag on the group for the harder section on Jakeberry. One part says a 3, the other says 4+. Seems like I can bail before the 4+ part though.

Maybe get to see you busting things on Hal Johns then.

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