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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Sounds perfect.

I figure Calamity to see how I do. Should I decide SD rocks are too big, I can run some of the easier medium runs comparable to calamity. If Calamity is fun, but not too hard, I can step up to Jakeberry and Iceman. Have to talk to some locals to make sure I won't be a drag on the group for the harder section on Jakeberry. One part says a 3, the other says 4+. Seems like I can bail before the 4+ part though.

Maybe get to see you busting things on Hal Johns then.
Calamity will be an easy trail for you. It is one of the "stocker" runs. I ran it on the last day of the even. At the time, they did not run Hal Johns on the last day to make sure everyone got back for the dinner. Since no one was on the trail we got to try some of the obstacles on Hal Johns without committing to running it. Major bonus. I even got to take some poser shots on some of the more famous obstacles.
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