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Originally Posted by 85Toy View Post
Just wanted to chime in. We will be attending for the first time, including my wife and kids (son 12, daughter 9). Unfortunately my daughter is severly allergic to cottonwood, so we are staying down the street at the Portal RV campground. Anyway, I figure we will spend a lot of time at Slickrock. Are there any trails that are so long or tedious that the family will go nuts??? I want to make this as fun an experience for them as I get to come back year after year. Cheers and I look forward to meeting many of you.

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Welcome to the forum Evergreen neighbor.

Golden Spike is said to be a long long day in the seat. Elephant Hill is too, but the scenery and hikes help make it a family friendly day. You might want to skip the hardcore trails too if your family gets bored waiting to clear obstacles. I would pick some more scenic/fun/short trails for the family's first visit to Cruise Moab.

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