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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Just wondering if she has been tested so you know that? Interested because I always thought I was really allergic to cottonwood and that my 9-yr old was as well. CM '07 the cottonwood was so thick it was drifted like snow (last year there was none...) and we figured we were in trouble. Nothing, no issues, nada. Come to find out it is the pine tree pollen we are allergic to. Just so happens the two tend to pump out their "stuff" around the same time but you can readily see the cottonwood flying...Not so much with the pine tree pollen.

I can tell you what my and the 5 & 9 yr old daughters have liked over the last two CM's. Poison Spider (seems to be their fav), Fins & Thing, Porcupine Rim, and Hells Revenge. None of these have proven to be too long or tedious and you are usually back in camp by 3-4pm. We ran Metal Masher last year and we weren't too fond of that one. There were some fun sections like the beginning and mirror gulch but the rest was just ok.
Thank you. Yes, we first ran into the problem last Spring with my daughter. We had her into the doctor and had to keep her in from recess for 2-3 weeks while the cottonwood trees went nuts on the school playground.

Regarding the trails you mention, I think I signed up for Fins&Things, Porcupine Rim and Elephant Hill. Sounds like I should cancel for Elephant Hill. I Didn't print out my choices for each day when I was registering. Is there any way to find out that information? Thanks.
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