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Originally Posted by 85Toy View Post
Regarding the trails you mention, I think I signed up for Fins&Things, Porcupine Rim and Elephant Hill. Sounds like I should cancel for Elephant Hill. I Didn't print out my choices for each day when I was registering. Is there any way to find out that information? Thanks.
Well, assuming no issues (broken down rigs etc) I would say Porcupine Rim will be your shortest day if you go to the same spot we did and turn around. Fins & Things will be the next shortest. Not long days at all and there are opportunities to get out and stretch a bit on each of those.

As for Elephant Hill. I have yet to run that. I've heard the scenery is spectacular. The problem is that it is so far away from Moab that you have to leave early to get to the trail head (I think it is a 7am or 8am departure from the south side of town) and takes an hour or so to get there. Then run the trail and drive back. It is not unusual for people to not be getting back to camp till 7pm or later. That said, if you and the family don't mind the 2-3 hours of additional driving, I don't think the trail is tedious or long at all. In fact, I think it is one of the highly recommended family trails. CM '07 we were signed up for Elephant Hill on the first day and switched to Porcupine Rim instead because the kids and wife weren't up for the long "commute" to and from the trail.

As for what you have been assigned, you could PM Hants and he can probably let you know what you've signed up for but he might not know what the final selections are (assuming you selected 3 choices per day).
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