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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Elephant Hill is long, but the best scenery, including some hikes. A lot more fun for the family (IMHO) than sitting in a line of rigs waiting for people to clear obstacles.
I definitely agree with that, and even an easy run like Fins can be just excruciating if the leader isn't keeping eveyone moving- parking to watch 20 trucks go off the same rock gets really old, particularly for the passengers. Porkupine rim is probably one of the better family runs since there really aren't that many obstacles worth stopping and watching.. so it's pretty tough to not keep moving (can still happen though).

I think this is one of the things that has made WipeOut so hill popular, it's definitely one of the reasons that I like it. It's got a faster pace to it than just about every other run out there, and the times you do stop everyone knows it's coming so there aren't as any "ah man, why are we stopping again?" cries from the passenger seat that are almost inevitibale on some of the other runs.. and fins is the worst for that, IMO. But it's also super fun when you are moving, so you kinda need to run it anyway!

and X2 on what Corbet said, "no trail run" is one of the best selections you can do with a family. You're still at the event, but it's still a family vacation and a day to not all be in the car is very well spent.
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