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Default Power Steering is done

I still have a few lingering things to button up but the power steering conversion is done. Yesterday afternoon, I took it on an extended check out drive which started with a couple of errands close to home and finished with a high speed (for a 40) ride on the interstate.

Wow, the FJ40 is a bunch more fun to drive with power steering. It has always been fun, but being able to easily turn the wheels at slow speeds makes it feel sporty. Prior to the conversion I had some slop coming from the steering box, there is no slop in the power steering box. Of course the "new" power steering box is 25 years old, and I'm not expecting it will never develop issues.

An unexpected improvement from the conversion is a smoothness at higher speeds. Prior to the conversion as my truck exceeded 60 mph it would shake, shimmy and get louder. Not really a death wobble as I never felt as if I was about to loose control, but the kind of thing I noticed enough to put it on the list to figure out at some point. On the drive yesterday, I had no shake, shimmy all the way up to 70 mph.

I'll still post up many details on the conversion in this thread, but wanted to get it updated to let everyone know it is done.
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