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That is a valid point about positioning, Tom, I know I started thinking less of BFG AT's when they started coming standard on H2's. And yup I think a little less of MT/R's because they come with Jeeps... but I'm hardly the target demographic for either, they lost 1 here but +10,000 on the other side of the fence.. probably a good marketing strategy for both.

And these Toyo M/T's are by far my favorite tire yet, they are lasting a long time (about to hit their third Cruise Moab), they are quiet, and still dead solid- no vibrations at any speed. I wish they wheeled as well as the Trxus' did, but you can't have everything, I don't miss that shimmy at 55mph one bit. Only downside with Toyo IMO is the weight, they are so freakin heavy I'm sure it costs more gas than another tire would, and stopping distances are definitely increased by at least some distance, I really notice when I'm pulling a loaded trailer... if you see me coming don't pull out in front of me please
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