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I have two very different use vehicles. My runner is definitely more trail than street. My 62 is more street than trail. On my second set of SSR's on my runner. This tire has never stopped me anywhere on the trail. On the freeway the handling is very good. When balanced not a shimmy anywhere. Noise. Not to bad. No more than any other MT type tire.

The 62 has seen two sets of MTR's and done well. The 62 has seen 2 or 3 tours of Moab and some trails in Colorado. I do like the MTRs except when they get done to the end of their life. Wet traction goes away and noise goes up. Side walls are ok. I believe you have to try to protect any tire on the trail. AS I said this cruiser sees more street than trail now. Have a set of BFG ATs on now. That is different experience from an MT. Never wheeled an AT, I'll have to try it someday.

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