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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
I am very sure there were no door prizes, even though I would like to imagine there were and I won the red Snap-On BFH that was sitting in my tool box this morning. For those that took tools, is it yours? If not, I'll take it back to Christo first thing in the morning.

For those that were around at the end, did anyone find a plastic back with a couple of gaskets and seals in it? I remember Dave A. handing it to me, but then seem to have lost track of it. The bag has Largeone written on the outside of it.
Last I remember seeing the bag it was sitting on Christo's Caterpillar yellow tool box. It had your Burt Toyota receipt and a partial can of brake clean in it, so if it's still in the shop it will be obvious what it is.
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