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OK...I"m finally getting to log onto the site. What a week!!!

I want to add my thanks to all of the help I received last weekend packing the rear bearings. Thank you Ricardo, Justin and Christo for allowing me to borrow tools needed to complete the job. Thank you Dave, Steve, Dan, etc, etc, etc for assisting me with the teardown and repair! I added the Slee step sliders to the vehicle on Sunday, so all-in-all, it was a great weekend for the cruiser.

Thanks again, Ricardo, for setting this great event up. Thank you Christo and Joe, for allowing us to use the shop and special tools. And, thanks to everyone who taught me how to do a rear axle bearing pack. I may not have picked up enough from evesdropping on Justin's job to do the front, but either way, it was a great learning opportunity!

Next time, I'll bring my tools!!! (Total Rookie Move!)
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