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Default Route to E-hill

I'm signed up for the Elephant Hill run on Thursday, and had a couple questions. Is the "standard" route to get to the trailhead to take 191 south from Moab to 211, and then take 211 west into the Park/trailhead? If so, is there a logical place on that route where I could meet up with someone and safely leave a car for the day?

I ask because my wife and kids are going to be coming up from Cortez (through Monticello) to meet up with me mid-week. They were going to come to Moab on Wednesday afternoon, but I might try to make a plan and just meet them Thursday morning near US191 and 211 since its on their route to Moab and would save them an extra 80 mile round trip.

I'm not sure who's leading the run that day, but if any of you that have done it with CM have some suggestions I'd appreciate it.
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