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Originally Posted by Hulk
Jeff, great write-up of this job. I feel like I could do it, just based on your step-by-step story.
Thanks so much, Matt. That's precisely the intent; not to show off but rather to inspire: "Hey, that's not a mystery, I'll bet I could do that now that I see how it's done". Total cost was about $30 worth of steel, $5 worth of body filler, $10 worth of paint, a couple sheets of sandpaper, a couple grinder wheels, a couple cutoff wheels, a sawzall blade and some fasteners. Some wire and gas of course too. And three days of my time :-)

I will admit there were a LOT of little "gotchas" I left out of the narrative. Like how it took me a half hour to get the darn last of four body mount bolts threaded into the mounting plate. How I had to grind the top spare carrier bumper to get the carrier to close because it's mounted a tad too high. Wrestling with sliding the spare carrier pins into the hinges, and then wrestling even more to remove it after I had marked where to mount the lower hinge. I always get an idea of how out-of-control a project has become when I put away my tools, and look at all the stuff that shouldn't have had anything to do with the project, but had to be employed for one little thing or another.

All in all though, I'm pretty happy with it. As I mentioned, it isn't "Oleg quality", as you can see the outline of the wings on the quarter panels, but it's plenty solid and should last for years to come.
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