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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
I brought my mountain bike a few years ago and never got it on a trail. I'd love to ride the Slickrock Trail if it's not too technical.
Slickrock is THE definitive technical trail. It is technical start to finish. An absolutely phenomenal trail, but it never lets up. I'd do it with you.

My first CM I brought the bike and hitched a ride up to the top of Porcupine rim with Cheeseman and then Terry and I rode down. I found it to be trying to do too much to ride and wheel. But is was really strange - and still sort of is - to go to Moab with out the bike, since I have been mtn biking there sine 1992! Still, I'd be up for a Sunday morning or Friday ride (I have no trail run Friday). Biking and wheeling same day - too much.

I'd be up for Bartlett Slickrock (have always wanted to get there), Amasa Back (aka Cliffhanger), or Monitor/Merrimac. Slickrock trail too, but the other issue there is crowds. Its just too crowded on weekends anymore.

I have another idea, how about a few of us plan another Moab trip for riding. We can then pile in a few rigs - in my 80 I can hold 4 people and four bikes easily, camp out in a spot accessible to 4x4 (away from crowds) and get in a weekend of rides. Maybe instead do that trip to Fruita.
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