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Default Ham & eggs run, Saturday April 18th

Well all in all it was a successful run. We started out at the Mathews & Winters trailhead, and hung out until about 8:30 when the local guy who lives behind the parking lot demanded we get off his driveway so he could plow , so off we went. Groucho requested an adventure, so we went up hwy 74 Morrison Canyon to Kitteredge, with the plan to take Kerr Gulch up to El Rancho then double back to Genessee. While in transit, we were able to communicate with DaveinDenver on simplex, who was going to head up 40 to Genessee to meet us. We also made contact with Martin who was just leaving his house in Evergreen.

So I missed the turn to Kerr Gulch and figured that's alright we'll just cruise up Troublesome Gulch and turn around. Well that quickly turned into an adventure, as the road went from a couple tracks to no tracks, and suddenly I'm leading a snow run... hey not all that bad but also this could get kind of sketchy so we found a driveway and all turned around. And to fulfill the adventure objective, Groucho promptly found himself in a ditch and needed to be strapped out by Jack Hess.
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