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Sounds like fun. I didn't make it - power has been off up here since yesterday morning and only just came back on late this afternoon. I ended up sleeping in. Reminded me of the blizzard of '03 - no power, no phone, no heat, no internet. We made a nice fire last night and heated up dinner on a camp stove, served by candle light.

Troublesome Gulch is a dead end. What you guys should have done would have been to take Grapevine Hill from Idledale - it goes straight to Genessee. Kerr Gulch might have worked, but with I-70 closed they might not have let you on.

I spent a goodly portion of yesterday afternoon/evening strapping my neighbors up the hill. I even got myself into a ditch and ended up winching out. If this storm had been a "normal" and not so warm I bet we would have had 5 feet. I saw on the news just now that Rollinsville got something like 50". I wonder how Terry is doing?

My main complaint about the power being off is that I had a bunch of pre-Moab wrenching I had planned for today which got nixed, but I am so (knock on wood!) glad it has finally been restored!

Happy cruisin'!
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