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ok - I guess I will help you wireless weenies out. Here are some steps to make a reflector to help your laptops wireless signal.

go to the store there on main street, and pick up a small strainer, mixing bowl, or other bowl with as round a bottom as possible. If you can get copper mixing bowl, or stainless steel one, that's even better. Ideally it should be twice as deep as it's diameter. The bowl should also be at least around 4-6" in diameter. If not metallic, grab some aluminum foil and cover the inside of the bowl with as few of wrinkles as possible. working in strips is a good way to accomplish this.

Then, take your bowl and you laptop, and go to a wireless source. go online, and try and locate through google where your INTERNAL wireless antenna is located in the machine. Usually it will be by the hinge or on the sides, but often on one of the corners by a hinge.

Once you locate that, fire up your signal strength utility and position the reflector to where gives you the most signal strength. Once you learn that positioning, the position of the reflector will not change respective to the laptop. You will have to change the orientation of the laptop to find the best linear signal, but the bowl position should remain un-changed.

merry x-mas. you have now built a parabolic range extender.

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