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Thumbs up Recycling Will be Available At CM 2009

There will be recycling at Slickrock Campground this year! Finally, a place for those empty bottles and cans!

Solutions of Moab ( all-volunteer trail cleaning and recycling program in Moab will be placing bins at the Slickrock Campground, picking up full containers and bringing us empties as needed. All this is FREE to us (I will be taking up a collection to buy them a tank of gas - $1-$2 will help)

So, please use the recycling bins and help out by not putting any trash in them.

Fine Print: I did this with no sanction from the CM Committee (I ran out of time) so if anything goes wrong I am responsible.

Here's how this all came to be: Before driving home from CM 2008 I was looking to drop off a bunch of bottles and cans. The Town recycling center is closed on Sundays . Ever resourceful , I "found" some bins in town . . . and promptly met Dave the owner of the Baja Grill -- they were his privately paid for recycling bins (). After some good schmoozing (i.e., ), he became sympathetic to the cause, did not make me take back the bottles (visions of Alice's Restaurant) and told me about Sara and Solutions of Moab. To make a long story short(er), Solutions of Moab has now coordinated with the Slickrock Campground to allow the FIRST EVER placement of recycling containers at the Slickrock Campground and CM. Sara also plans to write an article for their website, and I'd like to see one in one or more of our great Toyota publications!

See you all tomorrow in Moab.
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