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Default Taking the long way home

We had a GREAT DAY running the Markofsky "Sego Ghost town" run.

Bugged out at 5:20, and just beyond the Canyon outside of Grand Junction The Charging and Break Light came on.

After checking the connections decided to push to Rifle.. got on the phone and found the Checker in Glenwood Canyon had an alternator if i could make it in time...

I pushed it as hard as I could and got to the Checker in Glenwood Springs about 7:50 (Interstate batteries kick ass!), and bought a new one for a $100.00…

I then took an antifreeze bath (at least it was warm) removing the lower radiator hose needed to take out the out and put in the new one… I dropped my light, and ended up doing most of the install “in Brail” in the dark….

Got more antifreeze at 7-11, and was rolling again by 10:30...
Had to stop several times to keep from falling asleep.. got home at 3:20…… Still had a great time… and a great adventure overall

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